I’m embarking on a pretty basic and routine trip to Atlanta on Delta Air Lines this afternoon. In fact, I’m typing this from Delta’s Sky Club at National Airport (DCA). Nothing against our former President, but this place will always be simply “National Airport” to me. With such a basic trip, you might be wondering how on earth I can be trying something new today? I fully recognize how silly what I’m about to say may sound to some, but for those readers who work for or have worked for an airline, you’ll know what I mean. Unless I’m not remembering something, I, Marshall Jackson, age 41, am wearing shorts and flip flops on a commercial airliner for the first time ever today.

You heard it here first. It’s time for the world to know that some 7 years and 5 months after I departed the employment of an AAirline, I am finally wearing shorts on a flight. To say that today, I’ve finally arrived would be an understatement. I know…goofy. But when I first went to work for an airline, employees did not wear shorts on travel. You didn’t wear jeans on travel. You wore a coat and tie if you wanted to be in competition for any possible space available seats in first class, and you wore decent pants and a nice shirt if you only wanted coach. That said, most wore a coat and tie just in case the only seat left was in first class, something that actually happened from time to time not all that many years ago.

Why today you might ask? If you lived in DC, or really anywhere in a pretty broad swath of the USA right now, you’d know. It is …let’s see…how do I put this? It is damn hot here!!! Frankly, I’m going to Atlanta to cool off! So there you have it. For the first time ever, I’m wearing shorts on a plane, and in first class no less since my Medallion upgrade cleared.

That’s not the only first. I’ve been experimenting with my camera. Learned how to tame the flash and the volume. Yes, I’m taking a few pictures in the DCA Sky Club! The lighting is just right, and truth be told, this is the first time I remember being here when it wasn’t before dawn in months, if not years! Not too long ago, Delta greatly expanded the space by knocking out a few walls and removing the conference rooms. The result was a lot more comfortable seating, including a great “techie bar” type area along the window looking down on the grand hall in the main terminal. Power outlets galore! PTL!

Why Lunch at Tidewater Landing When You Can Do This? πŸ™‚
The Computer Bar Facing the Grand Hall at DCA – Great Spot to Work
View From my Perch at the End of the Computer Bar at the DCA Sky Club
Just Some of the Expanded Seating at the DCA Sky Club and a Glimpse of the Ramp Too

So there you have it. A few travel firsts for me. Exciting stuff, huh? I know, not really, but there’s more to come!