I’ve got quite the summer ahead, and to be honest, I’m not excited about it. Lady Astrojets and I will be heading down to Key West for a long weekend in the heat of August. I AM excited about that! Even if it will be HOT! What I’m not excited about is a heavier than normal travel schedule for business smack in the middle of what is shaping up to be a not so great summer on the road.

Crowded airports, crowded airplanes…..ugh. And as you may have heard by now, our airlines aren’t exactly up to the task of providing reliable service when faced with an onslaught of passengers, reduced staffing and typically stormy summer weather. I truly believe that this summer may mark a turning point for the airline industry. If the airlines don’t get their act together, I’m not sure that the traveling public is going to continue to tolerate the mess that air travel has become. If things continue falling apart as they have so far, Congress may legislate its own version of a solution to the problem.

More to post soon…..including a few pointers on keeping your sanity while flying this summer.