By now you have no doubt heard that Delta Air Lines has joined American and Southwest in prohibiting AwardWallet from accessing its customer information. The only surprising thing about this to me is that it took Delta this long. I’m not nearly as torched about this as some are, primarily because I’ve expected it to happen for so long.

Let’s think for a second. When it comes down to it, Delta owns the SkyMiles program and controls how its members access its information. Do I think Delta’s motives are altruistic and they’re just doing this to protect me? Heck no! I think it stinks. AwardWallet is the only reliable way I can track multiple accounts belonging to both MrsMJonTravel and me, and it is a royal pain that Delta and other airlines are standing in the way of making customers happy on this. But the big question is am I going to stop flying Delta because of it? No. And I doubt anyone else will either. So there’s my 1.37 cents on the topic of Delta blocking AwardWallet.