If you’ve ever wondered if you should attend the Chicago Seminars, stop wondering and sign up next time! I really did enjoy my weekend. It was great fun to meet so many interesting and genuinely nice people who share similar interests in travel. Some of the information is a refresher for me, but as always, I came away with some new knowledge. Not only are the attendees and organizers a well-informed and nice bunch of people, they are also very generous, donating over $10,000 dollars to great charities like Wounded Warrior Project, Captain Jason Dahl Fund, and Airline Ambassadors International.

The 2012 seminars are monumental for another reason….. my public speaking debut. 🙂 The Cruising Crowd with Marshall Jackson was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed interacting with the attendees…got lots of great questions, and lots of good participation from the audience….which happened to contain some very experienced cruisers. Lots of good information was shared, and like all of the seminars, I managed to learn something! It was a great experience for me, and having done the session, I’m now better informed about  the kind of information people are looking for and will leverage that for next time. Yes, I said next time. 🙂 The Cruising Crowd 201 is under development!

I will be preparing a post this week that will contain my PowerPoint presentation as well as some context and notes from the session. Look for my piece on my recent visit with Delta Air Lines as well.