OK, this really isn’t a rant because I’m not upset about anything, just perplexed. Yesterday, I flew to Washington National (DCA) from Atlanta. In Atlanta I was picked for PreCheck. Returning today on the same reservation, I was not picked for PreCheck. In TSA’s defense, it still didn’t take me very long to get through security…it’s just that I hate wasting time putting all my stuff back in my bag that has to come out if I don’t get PreCheck.

I’m more tolerant of TSA’s penchant for needing a little “randomness” in security than most people I know….to a point. But it is simply asinine annoying to be “trusted” on the outbound leg of your journey, and not be treated the same way on your return from a simple Atlanta-DC-Atlanta roundtrip. Of course, I think it’s asinine annoying that I’ve had my hands swabbed because I wear an insulin pump 6 times in the last 3 weeks too, but I guess it beats (actually, it really does beat) the full secondary search they were doing for a while.

Rant off.