I don’t talk about Bank of America very much even though I’ve been banking with them since the North Carolina National Bank days. They don’t have a terribly exciting line up of credit cards with the exception of the Alaska Airlines products, and their FIA card services division is the issuer of the Fidelity Investment Rewards Amex 2 percent cash back card.

Having banked with them for years, I’ve maintained a fee-free card account with them for years. Eventually, I applied for and received the BankAmericard Travel Rewards Visa. It’s not fabulous, but it is free of an annual fee, serves as overdraft protection for my checking accounts, and isn’t a bad backup card to keep longterm while taking advantage of other more interesting opportunities.

BofA offers BankAmeriDeals® for their debit and credit card products, which offer up to 15% cash back with select purchases using your BofA credit or debit card. They aren’t necessarily great, but every now and then I find one that gives me a reason to use my BofA card. Starbucks and Whole Foods have made a recent appearance, as well as a local restaurant we like. This morning, I spotted a deal I know I will use. After signing into my online banking I noted the latest offer, “Car Service in Atlanta: Earn 15% cash back on a purchase from Uber!”

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 7.09.06 AM

This offer could appear in other cities as well, so if you’re a Bank of America customer, check your BankAmeriDeals page to see if this offer is there. It’s a not a bad one for travelers who use Uber.

-MJ, May 31, 2014