Many travelers switch hotels mid-trip to maximize frequent flyer stay benefits or costs, and now a new travel booking startup from London will do all the heavy lifting for you. opens the door to unique opportunities for both business travelers and those on holiday by showing where you can save up to 50% by switching hotels during a trip rather than staying at just one.

You could even end up at a luxury property for part of your trip and pay less than if you had chosen the lower-end hotel for all the nights.

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Many people simply go to an online travel agency and do a search for their dates/location when they need a hotel.

Based on what the search returns, the savvy traveler looks at price, as well as a bevvy of other factors such as number of beds, room type, view, etc.

If the search comes back showing no availability for a multiple night stay, many will simply choose another hotel altogether not realizing they have other options.

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One great example is the Andaz Amsterdam which is oftentimes very full. If you need two nights and both of them aren’t available, quickly shows you that you can stay one night at the Andaz, and switch hotels to the NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel.

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It also shows you how much you’ll save by combining hotels. This could be an excellent strategy for a vacation that you need to watch your pennies on such as a family trip to Hawaii.

Searching random summer dates for Kauai I was given the option on of several hotel combinations, all of which would save me money if I was willing to switch hotels. The Sheraton Kaui Resort and the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa combined would be just 647 GBP (about 831 USD) whereas staying at either hotel for both nights would be a minimum of 876 GBP (about 1125 USD).

Unless you were to check each night individually if on other websites, it is unlikely you’d figure out the cost savings which came to just under $300!  The time you save checking is worth the quick search alone.

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A nice feature on their website is that it shows how far a distance there is between hotels, so you can see how convenient or inconvenient a change would be.

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Also, if you’ve always wanted to stay at a particular property that is usually out of your price range, can help you figure out which nights offer the best savings. You could stay at a swanky Four Seasons property one night, and then switch to a much more reasonably priced property the next.

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Not all hotels and resorts are in their database yet, nor is there a feature where you can choose to have, say, a five-star property combined with a two-star. Maybe the existing options are enough to get the gears turning for travelers though.

Overall, I think is a helpful tool to add to your bag when planning travel and I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize it.