Many people find their creativity output increased right in the middle of the night, or in the wee hours of the morn.

Writing down your dreams right when you wake up or brainstorming when your mind is still fresh from the ethereal world can be a great way to get your thoughts down on paper before the whirlwind of regular daily life takes over. Even Tim Ferriss keeps a morning journal.

If you’re the sort that finds a spark of inspiration while ensconced in pillows that eludes you by the time you rustle up a piece of paper to corral your thoughts, you’ll love what new amenity is being introduced at some hotels.

Creativity Cushion (Photo credit: Jurys inn)

Creativity Cushion (Photo credit: Jurys Inn)

Jurys Inn, a small chain of hotels in the UK, Ireland, and Czech Republic, is trying out “creativity cushions” in guest rooms.

Jurys Inn calculated out that 12:45 am is actually the peak time when our brains are the most creative. Cue the cushions.

The cushions are brightly colored pillows that can be easily be written on, and wiped clean when done. The pillows are being rolled out for use on dream beds at Jurys Inn properties throughout the UK for guests to use.

I’ve never stayed at a Jurys Inn property but like the creativity of their new amenity.

However, if I was a serious note-taker in the middle of the night, I don’t know that a fluffy pillow would be the easiest thing to write on. And, if a guest mistook one of the regular pillows for being the easy-wipe-clean one the hotel could potentially end up with a bunch of writing on their pillowcase, or even the bed itself.

Of course, Jurys Inn also came up with the idea (and actually created) the snuggly Suvet (suit + duvet) which looks cozy but probably not the best fit for a business meeting.

The Youtube video is entertaining and if you’re on the verge of a nap, might make you wish you were wearing something more comfortable. Like say, a duvet wrapped around you. It doesn’t appear to do very well in wet weather, though.

If you’re asleep at a Jurys Inn property when a lightning bolt of genius strikes, most of their hotels have 24 hour room service. Once the sun comes up, there’s an all day Costa Coffee Bar.