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Holiday travel just feels different to me than travel during other times of year. There’s excitement in the air and routines change and quicken.

Not everything is full of gingerbread cookies and snow angels though. Before lounging in front of the fireplace with loved ones and enjoying a round of bubbly, there’s often the matter of getting there, which can be plagued by delays and frustration.

Car trips can be brutal with jammed traffic and kids squabbling, wrong directions via GPS (like I experienced in Athens, Greece), plus add in some poor weather.

Dumb & Dumber

At least in the car you are hopefully surrounded by people you know and like. In the airport, there’s always at least one person at the longer-than-usual TSA checkpoint that forgot to take the change out of their pocket…and then forgot their belt…and then their wristwatch. (and you silently wonder how they got TSA Pre-check as they try for the fourth time).

In planes, you’re stuck in a metal tube with people you might avoid if given the chance. Honeywell Aerospace even conducted a survey a couple Christmases past that showed some interesting statistics about holiday travel on airplanes.

The season of perpetual hope

Here is some interesting data from the survey –

31% of those surveyed would give up one of their holiday presents to avoid braving the holiday airport rush.


15% find the disorganized traveler in security lines the most annoying, over line-cutters and arguers.

41% want to avoid “the smelly traveler” that passes gas or doesn’t wear deodorant.

A whopping 72% of people in the survey have considered confronting an adult whose child won’t stop kicking their seat.


When all else fails, 30% of those surveyed admit to taking a sedative or sleeping pill to dull their frustration while traveling.

To win today’s holiday goodie bag, let me know in the comments below what your biggest holiday travel frustration is. The line jumper at the airport, terrible traffic, or the TSA pat down?

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