IHG Rewards is offering 1,000 free points to members, and all you need to do is give them your birth date.

When you sign up for airline and hotel loyalty programs you don’t always have to fill in all the personal information fields. Companies like to have lots of data, but I usually only fill in the required fields and leave the rest blank.

IHG Rewards is giving incentive to add in your birthdate though.

Here’s how to get your free points

Sign in to your IHG Rewards account.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, past your address, phone number, email, etc.

At the very bottom is where you can check to see if you have your birthdate already in there. I was surprised to find that my birthdate was not in there already but as it was not a required field I didn’t fill it out.

If you did not provide one during sign-up, you can easily add it.

I love that there’s even a little note from IHG Rewards saying that they’d love to wish you a happy birthday.


Click on Add Birth Date on the right side of the page, and add your birthdate.

Once you have put it in there you’ll need to contact customer support if you made a mistake and need to change it, so make sure when you enter it that it is the date you want.

Once your birthday is entered in and save, you’ll receive 1,000 IHG Rewards bonus points automatically on your birthday.

What a neat surprise gift from IHG Rewards.

(HT: Doctor of Credit)