I often look forward to finding a welcome amenity (especially sweets!) or hand-written note in a hotel room left by the staff, but have never thought about leaving anything for the next guest.

According to Global News, a guest staying at a Courtyard Marriott recently found a very helpful note left by the previous occupant of the room.

The guest “heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night”, per the caption posted on Imgur.

As they turned down the covers to find out what had made the noise, a small note written on the hotel’s stationary was found.

The note simply said, “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets“.

Perhaps the previous guest had been frustrated after requesting housekeeping a couple days in a row and not receiving it, or maybe they stayed at that hotel often for business and knew that housekeeping at that property didn’t always change bedsheets.

No word on which location this was, but since the note was written on a “Courtyard by Marriott” notepad it is assumed it was one of their locations though it may not have been. The note was probably written by a good samaritan just wanting to pass on helpful info to the next guest, but it could have also just been a bored poster on social media or even a disgruntled hotel employee.

It got me wondering though, about sheet changing at hotels. I’ve had instances when hotel staff got caught using the wrong size sheets and hoped I wouldn’t notice, have been overzealous when I had a confirmed late check-out, and many times where housekeeping simply didn’t show up.

As far as sheets go though, I guess I’ve always thought that if housekeeping has taken the time to come into my room, change out the towels and make everything look clean, they’re also replacing the sheets every time. The appearance of cleanliness gives me the impression that the sheets have been changed. This is most likely the case, but not necessarily 100% of the time.

I’ve heard about people that use a washable marker to make a tiny “X” on the top corner of the bedsheets and then look for it again the next day, in case housekeeping simply smoothed out the sheets and re-plumped the pillows rather than using clean sheets. I’d never done it myself though, or thought about actually leaving a little note for the next guest (or tucked inside my own bed to see if housekeeping removes it).

How do you know when your hotel sheets have been changed?