Late last month I wrote about a data breach that affected some Starwood point of sale systems. Data breaches are nothing new, but Starwood released a list of properties where the breaches occurred which I appreciated and found interesting.

Just recently, Hyatt released their own statement about their own data breach, which they disclosed as being infected with malware found on their payment processing system that was designed to steal credit card details. an investigation has been launched and Hyatt is providing customers with updates at:

Although Hyatt is not releasing a list of which hotels were affected like Starwood did, Hyatt is recommending that people check their payment account card statements.

This is sound advice for all accounts and card statements. Especially during the holidays, it is easy to overlook or dismiss a charge or two, thinking that they were probably just extra gifts purchased perhaps by a secondary authorized cardholder. The breach is a good reminder for all of us to be diligent in checking our records though, to make sure we aren’t getting charged for something we didn’t purchase. If reported right away, most credit cards have excellent protection measures in place to remove fraudulent charges.

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