The Ohio State Buckeyes got to their hotel in Ann Arbor last night ready to get a good night’s sleep. Today they had an early game against Michigan and wanted to be rested up. Much to their chagrin, many of the players found that their hotel room keys didn’t work.

Here’s a quick video from Youtube of the Buckeyes standing around in the hallway, trying to figure out why none of their keys worked –

The long-standing rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan was enough for some folks on social media to speculate that the inconvenience was actually a prank rather than a mistake. The discussion included thoughts that perhaps a die-hard Michigan fan that knew someone at the hotel was involved, and some fans were cheering that “OSU’s in for a rough morning“.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.00.41 PM

No word on what hotel chain the players were staying at or what happened afterwards but I’m guessing a representative from the team simply went down to the front desk and got everyone new keys. Whether a prank or just an issue with multiple keycards, Ohio State won the game today.

Do you think it was hotel hijinks, a prank or simply an accidental mishap with the keycards?