30 Airlines Now Participating in TSAPre✓

11 US-based and international airlines announced today their participation in the TSAPre✓ program.  TSAPre✓ is the Transportation Security Administration’s trusted traveler program.  The program allows travelers who complete a background check and pay a fee to breeze through security at most US airports.

When the program launched, only a handful of airlines based in the United Stated participated in the TSAPre✓ program.  For the first few years, the TSA randomly selected passengers that were considered “low-risk” for TSAPre✓.  Today, the random selection process is much more limited as the TSA is currently phasing the random selection program out.

Additionally, nearly every US-based airline participates in the TSAPre✓ program.  In the past two years, a few major international carriers also announced their participation in the TSAPre✓ program.  This allowed passengers on those international airlines to use TSAPre✓ lanes at select US airports.

11 New Airlines, International, and Domestic

Today the TSA and the individual airlines announced this massive expansion.  Eleven (11) airlines across the globe announced their participation in the popular “known traveler” program.

The eleven new additions to the TSAPre✓ program are; Aruba Airlines, Avianca, Boutique Airlines, Emirates, Key Lime Air, Miami Air International, Southern Airways Express, Spirit Airlines, Sunwing, Virgin Atlantic, and Xtra Airways

Here’s the full list of TSAPre✓ Participants

American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Allegiant Airlines
Southwest Airlines
JetBlue Airways
Virgin America
Etihad Airways
Hawaiian Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Air Canada
EmiratesNew Addition
Virgin AtlanticNew Addition
Aruba AirlinesNew Addition
AviancaNew Addition
Key Lime AirNew Addition
Sunwing AirlinesNew Addition
Xtra AirwaysNew Addition
Southern Airways ExpressNew Addition
Spirit AirlinesNew Addition
Miami Air InternationalNew Addition
Boutique AirlinesNew Addition
Seaborne Airlines
Sun Country Airlines
TSAPre✓ expands to 11 new airlines

TSAPre✓ expands to 11 new airlines

When booking a ticket on all thirty TSAPre✓ participants, including the 11 recent additions, TSAPre✓ members will enter their Known Traveler Number.  When the passenger checks in, TSAPre✓ should appear on their boarding pass.

TSAPre✓ allows frequent flyers who meet certain security standards to keep their shoes, light jackets, and belts on, their liquids and laptop in their bag, and pass through a dedicated express lane.  The TSAPre✓ program should allow passengers to pass through security checkpoints within minutes, even are major airports.


This is fantastic for the TSAPre✓ program.  One concern I’ve always had with the TSAPre✓ program is the lack of international participation.  This would mean that, even though I’m a TSAPre✓ member, if I flew on select international airlines I’d still have to go through traditional security screening.  With 30 total airlines, many of which are international airlines, this makes TSAPre✓ even more appealing.

What airlines do you want to see as part of the TSAPre✓ program?

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