Today is Day 1 of Week 3 of the US Travel Association’s Daily Getaways.

For those not familiar with Daily Getaways, for the next two weeks, travel deals and packages will be available on a first-come first-served basis each weekday from April 10, 2017 through May 12, 2017. For a look at previous offers click here, or here for the coming week’s overview.

Today’s deal is for Carnival Cruise Line Gift Cards –

$100 Carnival Cruise Line Gift Card for just $85 (2500 packages available)

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.25.35 PM

Carnival Gift Cards can be used towards the purchase of a Carnival cruise, online pre-paid shore excursions, spa treatments, Fun Shop gift items, and can also be redeemed onboard toward your Sail & Sign account. They can be redeemed on Carnival’s website, onboard, or when booking over the phone. Since it is a gift card, it can be used on any rate and is combinable with any promotion.

You can purchase a maximum of three (3) gift cards so you could get $300 of Carnival Cruise Line credit for $255 ($85 x 3).

To the disappointment of many who were hoping to buy three and then combine to redeem for a single reservation, be aware that the T&C say that only one Gift Card can be used per reservation at the time of booking.

However, you could use one during booking, one online for shore excursions, and one onboard towards Sail & Sign. It is possible that multiple Gift Cards could be used towards Sail & Sign or for excursions though I don’t know for sure.

The packages go on sale at 1pm EST today.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.34.35 PM

To purchase the deal today, click the link above or follow this link to the calendar for the week of April 24, 2017 and select the Carnival package.

Within 10-14 business days of purchase, you will receive your Carnival Cruise Line Gift Card via email.

Note that the Gift Cards must be redeemed by November 30, 2018.

Is this package a great deal?

If you are planning on taking a Carnival Cruise or know someone who will, I really don’t see a downside to purchasing one of these today (or cap out at all three!). These Gift Cards offer an easy and great way to save on upcoming cruises. They are transferable too so they’d make great gifts for a cruise aficionado at Christmastime, for birthdays, and really the only drawback is the expiration date.