Travelers: What are the Top 10 signs that you’re spending too much time in a hotel?

Well, a really fun post on frequent flyer website explores this question – and I’m guessing that many of you will have your own Top 10. Here are my five favorites from both the blogger’s original post and the comments. I hope you will add yours! For a longer laugh, go to the above site and read the rest.

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  1. “You know what day of the week it is based on what’s being served in the club lounge.”
  2. “The hotel knows not only your preferred room type, but your exact preferred room, and will proactively try to block it for you.”
  3. “When repeatedly working in eastern Kansas years ago, the HIE wouldn’t make me pack my things before leaving. If they had to use the room, they’d pack and unpack before I got back. Great staff!”
  4. “When you check-in you proactively say “I’d please like the 1,000 point Diamond amenity, 4PM late check-out, turndown service at around 7PM, no newspaper, and I’m aware of the club lounge hours,” just to save the front desk associate from having to ask the handful of questions.
  5. “Have to say my favorite (sign) is the Indigo, in Downtown Baton Rouge. The bartenders (yes all of them) have a French 75 on the bar before I can get my keys.”

Hoteliers: These comments are not only amusing, but also instructive. You can see what truly resonates with frequent travelers.

Photo above taken by Barb DeLollis in May at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.