The Unaccompanied Flyer

A senior in high school stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles, travel cheaply, and fly as a teenager unaccompanied.

Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow

Stop Bitting Your Nails with StopBit Catching Some Zzzs at the Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow The day before I was set to fly from Frankfurt to New York, I had an eight-hour layover at London Heathrow.  I attempted to stand-by for an earlier flight, but according to the agents at the airport, that wasn’t allowed.  That meant I’d have to come up with an alternate plan. I knew that I would be visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge LHR.  The reviews on LoungeBuddy were fantastic for a shared airport lounge.  The Plaza Premium Lounge LHR also features a hot...

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Element Frankfurt Airport Review

A Suite Night at the Element Hotel at Frankfurt Airport To fly in Lufthansa’s fantastic first class cabin from Frankfurt to New York, I had to layover in Frankfurt for a night.  My flight on Lufthansa from London arrived in Frankfurt around 8:35ish in the evening.  By the time I cleared immigration and retrieved my checked luggage, it was 9:15 PM.  I proceeded to the hotel shuttle pick-up area, and that’s when my night took a bizarre turn. Shared Shuttle to Element Hotel The Element Frankfurt Airport Hotel does have a shuttle which is awesome.  Frankfurt doesn’t allow Uber to...

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Take a Nap at New Philadelphia Priority Pass Lounge

Minute Suites Philadelphia Now Part of Priority Pass Network Priority Pass members can now access their own private suite in Philadelphia International Airport.  As of Wednesday, March 8th, the Minute Suites Philadelphia is now a part of the Priority Pass network of airport lounges.  The Priority Pass network of lounges includes more than 1000 lounges and clubs worldwide.  Until the addition of the Minute Suites PHL, the Priority Pass network did not include any lounges with private suites. About Minute Suites PHL Minute Suites is a chain of airport lounges in the United States.  Currently, Minute Suites are available...

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Alaska Airlines Announces Over a Dozen New Routes from Bay Area

Alaska Airlines, Virgin America Strengthen Bay Area Route Network Today Alaska Airlines announced over a dozen new routes from the Bay Area.  A total of 13 new routes will be added from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and San Jose International Airport (SJC).  The announcement of these new routes follows Alaska Airlines’ merger with San Francisco-based Virgin America.  Alaska Airlines noted in a press release that with the additional routes, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America will operate a combined 125 daily nonstop flights to 42 destinations from three major Bay Area airports. The expansion is widespread with new routes including...

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Auf Deutsch: Lufthansa First Class Rückblick, Frankfurt nach New York

This review is in German, please click here for the full review in English. In Deutscher Sprache: Lufthansa’s Fantastisch First Class, Frankfurt Zu New York Diese Reise war seit Monaten in den Werken. Ich hatte zuerst die Idee für diese Reise oder eine Reise wie diese, als ich mich für die Avianca Vuela Visa Card bewerbte. Ich werde in den kommenden Tagen einen eigenen Posten haben, um LifeMiles für die Lufthansa First Class einzulösen, aber im Wesentlichen war ich in der Lage, 60.000 LifeMiles zu nutzen, die ich nur verdient hatte, indem ich die Karte für die Mehrheit des...

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Lufthansa First Class Review, Frankfurt to New York

I recently flew from Frankfurt to New York in Lufthansa First Class. The Lufthansa First Class experience begins with a visit to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. From the terminal, I was whisked away by a luxury car to the aircraft. Once on board, I experienced service and comfort not found on any other airline. From a fantastic culinary experience to tremendous service, here’s what it’s like to fly Lufthansa First Class.

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Lufthansa First Class Terminal Review

Before my flight from Frankfurt to New York in Lufthansa First Class, I stopped by the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. The Lufthansa First Terminal is one of the most exclusive premium check-in facilities and lounges in the world. The terminal boasts a private security queue, a full restaurant, nap rooms, shower suites, a cigar lounge, car transfers, and phenomenal service. Here’s my full review of the terminal.

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I’m in Love with Lufthansa!

I love Lufthansa; First Class in 10 Pictures Lufthansa First Class Series: Part 1: I’m in Love with Lufthansa Part 2: Lufthansa First Class Terminal Part 3: Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to New York I just wrapped up a fantastic long weekend of trans-Atlantic flying.  I left St. Louis Thursday evening after school, arrived in London Friday morning, left for Frankfurt that evening, arrived in Frankfurt Friday night, and left for New York on Saturday morning.  I’m now on my way back to St. Louis.  I never anticipated that this trip would be as crazy as it turned out...

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I Think I’m the Only One at My Hotel!

Am I the Only Guest at The Element Frankfurt Airport? I went to great lengths to be able to fly Lufthansa’s First Class product from Frankfurt to the US.  I even went as far as to fly on a red-eye in coach across the Atlantic (actually wasn’t that bad).  I also spent way too much on an airport lounge sleeping room and was blessed with SSSS on my flight between Frankfurt and New York.  Additionally, I had to fly Lufthansa economy between London and Frankfurt and then stay at a hotel near the airport.  Honestly, it hasn’t been bad...

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I Just Got the Dreaded SSSS

Insane Itineraries Appear to Have Caught Up With Me, I Received SSSS After a long night flying from St. Louis to Philadelphia to London, I decided to splurge and reserve a sleeping room for 6 hours at the Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow.  I’ll review my experience at the Plaza Premium Lounge in the future.  However, something interesting occurred towards the latter part of my visit. After a fantastic three-hour nap, breakfast, a hot shower, and some Netflix, my time at the lounge and sleeping room was coming to an end.  Around that same time, check-in for my Lufthansa First...

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