The Unaccompanied Flyer

A senior in high school stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles, travel cheaply, and fly as a teenager unaccompanied.

I Forgot Toothpaste and a Robot Butler Brought Me Some

My Insane and Unexpected Experience with Starwood Hotel’s Robot Butler, Botlr I love Starwood Hotels.  Maybe I was brainwashed by other travel bloggers but ever since I started traveling, I’ve always made it a point to book SPG Hotels.  On a recent one night stay in Miami, I booked a room at the Element Hotel Doral.  The hotel is ten minutes away from the airport and always has some of the lowest rates in the area.  I also love getting upgraded as an SPG elite to their full suites featuring a separate bedroom, living area, and full kitchen.  However,...

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American Airlines Should Keep International First Class

A Recent Experience Proves American Airlines Should Keep International First Class Following an enjoyable and memorable trip to Italy, I managed to fly on one of the very few aircraft operated by American Airlines that features an international first class cabin.  International first class has been widely phased out at American Airlines with plans to have the Boeing 777-300ER as the only aircraft to feature the airline’s Flagship First Class product.  American Airlines still operates a couple of Boeing 777-200s with the airline’s original Flagship First Class. However, this product will be phased out in the coming months as...

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Review: Trenitalia Executive Class Frecciarossa Rome to Milan

Review: Trenitalia Executive Class Puts Amtrak to Shame In early June, I decided to take a brief trip to Italy.  This was the first trip I’ve taken in months that I took primarily for the destination and not just the flights.  However, I still managed to fit a fairly complex itinerary into the beginning of the trip. A major part of this itinerary involved taking Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa high-speed train from Rome to Florence and then from Florence to Milan.  When I was planning this trip, I originally intended to book the cheapest fare.  That’s because I wasn’t aware that Italy...

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$120 Private Jet from St. Louis to Indianapolis

My Very Own Private Jet from St. Louis to Indianapolis for $126 If you’re a frequent reader of BoardingArea blogs, you probably saw a handful of posts concerning a free private jet share membership for individuals with over a million frequent flyer miles or the highest elite tier, sometime last week.  Unfortunately, I’m quite there yet so I don’t qualify for the trial.  Still, the private jet share company that’s offering the elite status/million mile trial, JetSmarter, is offering a trial membership for individuals without status or miles. JetSmarter has received a lot of attention lately.  After seeing the...

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President Trump to Reveal Cuba Policy

Is Travel to Cuba at Stake Under President Trump? Reports are surfacing that next week, US President Donald Trump will travel to Miami, Florida to reveal the United States’ revised policy concerning Cuba.  Much of President Trump’s policies are expected to rollback diplomatic and trade ties with Cuba the Obama Administration established near the end of their second term.  One major diplomatic advance concerned travel to Cuba. The Obama Administration made it so that Americans could travel to Cuba with very few restrictions.  Americans could travel to Cuba if their travel fit under one of the 12 approved reasons...

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The Hotel in Milan Finally Called Me Out on My Age!

Hotel Viu Milan Calls Me Out on Age, Requires Parental Permission Form Last week, I took the week off and visited Italy.  The trip lasted a little less than a week, begun in Rome, and ended in Milan.  For the majority of my trip to Italy, I stayed at a villa in the Tuscan mountains.  That villa has been in our family for generations and is strictly private.  Staying in a private villa, I knew I wouldn’t have much content for the blog.  Knowing this, I managed to fit a one night stay in Milan to end my vacation....

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Virgin Atlantic is Matching Elite Status

Get Silver or Gold Flying Club Status with Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic is now matching elite status with select airline frequent flyer programs worldwide.  If you hold the highest status on select airlines Virgin Atlantic will match your status with their Flying Club program.  This offer is effective immediately and if you’re approved, you get to keep your Flying Club status for an entire year.  Here are the full details. What Airlines Will Virgin Atlantic Match Status With? Virgin Atlantic is offering to match status on the following airlines: British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Jet Airways,...

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Review: Vueling Excellence Class, The Biggest Ripoff

What Exactly Did I Pay $145 For? Vueling Excellence Barcelona to Rome On a recent trip to Italy, I flew a rather complicated and drawn out itinerary.  I flew from St. Louis to Chicago to New York to Barcelona and finally, arrived in Rome.  One reason I did this was to earn miles on both American and Delta as well as to try out the Spanish-based airline, Vueling. Second, living in St. Louis, this itinerary is actually quite standard.  To get to any European city from St. Louis, other than Paris and London, you’d typically fly to a hub...

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Southwest Airlines SHOULD Give Business Select Passengers Lounge Access

For $600 One-Way, Southwest Should Offer Business Select Passengers Access to Contract Lounges I actively avoid Southwest Airlines.  I’m based out of St. Louis so I’m no stranger to Southwest Airlines.  They have a fantastic business model and are the beloved airline of many Midwesterners.  Friends, family, and co-workers ask me all the time, “Why do you fly American and Delta?  You can just fly non-stop with Southwest Airlines!”  That’s true; I have very few non-stop options out of St. Louis on American and Delta compared to Southwest Airlines.  However, I don’t mind a connection or two if it...

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Interview with the CEO of American Airlines Part 3; The Future of the AAdvantage Program

Mr. Parker Wished the AAdvantage Program Could Have Always Been Revenue Based If you’ve been following this series, you’ll recall that I had stated that I planned on having this post published two or so week ago.  However, after becoming backlogged at my summer job, I decided to put this post off.  To be honest, I’ve had very little motivation to blog lately, and with a massive drop-off in readership, this whole blog feels pointless.  But, a follower on Twitter is holding me accountable to completing my three part series. Part three will cover the AAdvantage program, a handful...

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