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Update: My Family Status Matched to JetBlue Mosaic!

Update! Hi all, I thought I would post a quick update! I got matched to Mosaic Status last week, and my dad originally got denied, then he resent an application and got approved! As for my mom, after she reapplied, we didn’t hear back until Saturday, where she got denied again! I decided to redo my screenshot of our Virgin America Silver, and she finally got approved yesterday!! I wonder why they send generic denial letters saying “you didn’t qualify”. Maybe it would be easier if they just told us why we got denied in the email? So, after a seemingly wild...

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Uber in Berlin costs more than a Taxi?!

Too often I take Uber’s for granted. Cheap and easy. No more hailing a cab, or having to rummage through your pockets for loose change to pay the driver. Just call Uber on the app, one and done. Enter the car, chit chat for awhile, leave and say thank you. Easy. And it often times is substantially cheaper than a taxi. Berlin Uber’s: Sadly, as I was getting used to calling Uber’s everywhere in Vienna and Prague, I did not have the same experience with Berlin Uber’s. First off the Uber X rides are hard to find. Many times it...

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Hawaiian Airlines New A321 Routes Announced!

Hawaiian has announced new year-round routes with their new A321 aircraft. Daily, non-stop flights between Portland and Maui will start on January 18th, 2018! Hawaiian has introductory fares from Portland to Maui from $497 roundtrip. Additionally, starting on April 11th, 2018 there will be daily non-stop flights between Oakland and Lihue. And, daily non-stop service from Los Angeles to Kona starting March 11th, 2018. I’ve flown from Los Angeles to Kona on the A330 last summer, and reviewed it as well. I like how Hawaiian is going to have year-round service, but I think I’d still much prefer a...

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Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Review

Background/Location: I needed to find a place to stay for my European Summer Trip in Vienna, and I stumbled upon the Imperial Riding School Renaissance. Rates were amazing, as it was 113 EUR, and there was an offer in which paying with Visa would give breakfast for 2! I was debating choosing the Le Meridien across the Opera House but it was 230 EUR, so i decided to save the money and be a bit further from the city center. The Imperial Riding School is rated 4.0/5.0 on TripAdvisor, so I thought it should be a solid hotel as...

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Extraordinary Desserts San Diego Review

Is Extraordinary Desserts that extraordinary? Well, it certainly is tasty and a hip place to go, but I’m not quite sure if it truly lives up to the name. I’ve been to both locations before (the older smaller one on Fifth, and the newer bigger one on Union). My friends and I headed down to San Diego for the day and we decided to eat at Extraordinary Desserts for dinner and dessert! We went to the one on Union St. near little Italy. I personally don’t like the Fifth Ave location as it is smaller and dirtier. The one...

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Celebrity Spotting at Hotel Del Coronado

Background: My friends and I were taking a day trip to San Diego. We decided to hit up the beach at Coronado and walk around the grounds of the Hotel Del Coronado. The Hotel Del Coronado is in the process of joining the Curio Collection by Hilton, and according to its website, you can use Hilton Honors points starting on August 15th! Which Celebrity? As we walked past the ice cream shop, my friend Laurel thought she saw someone from the Walking Dead. She peeked in again, and she thought it was Carl (Chandler Riggs) from the show! Turns...

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Ubering In Vienna and Prague Is Really Cheap!

Uber’s in Vienna and Prague are really cheap! So cheap, in fact, that I did not take public transportation in those cities! Nor a taxi. The Uber’s in Vienna and Prague were also readily available! Uber’s in Vienna: For example, a 1.5 mile Uber X ride from my hotel, the Imperial Riding School Renaissance to the Vienna Opera House was only 4 EUR, as well as the trip from the hotel to the train station, which took almost 20 minutes because of traffic. It’s funny that Uber rounds up/down to the nearest Euro! Uber’s in Prague: Prague Uber’s were...

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Hotel Review: Wyndham Grand Salzburg

Background: I booked the Wyndham Grand Salzburg for my stay in the city. It’s located just a 5 minute walk from the main train station, and about 1.5 miles to the old town. It was nice to be so close to the train station as I took a train both in and out of the city. There’s a mall just across the street, which also had a supermarket. Short Review With Scores (Out of 5, 5 Being the Best) MY OVERALL SCORE: 3 5: Excellent, Highly Recommend 4: Very Good, Solid Choice to Consider 3: Ok, Check Other Options Before Booking...

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Review: OBB Railjet First Class Lounge

Background: Having a First Class or Business Class ticket on Railjet gets you into the OBB Lounges! There are currently 7 lounges: Vienna Central Station, Vienna Meidling, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck. I visited the lounges in Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna Central Station. Here are short reviews of each of them! OBB Lounge Innsbruck While this was the smallest lounge of the ones I visited, it was the cleanest and emptiest. It was a really nice place to relax and it felt almost brand new! There was wifi (all the stations have wifi themselves), an espresso/coffee maker, and...

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Railjet Business Class: Vienna to Prague Review

Background: Railjet is the high speed train for Austria and is their flagship train. I had Railjet business class tickets from Vienna to Prague. I booked them through OBB (Austria’s trains), and they were non-refundable. Business Class is higher than First Class on Railjet, and so they are the nicest seats on the train! I booked 2 months in advance for the train, in what was called a “Sparschiene Ticket” which is completely non-refundable or changeable. Business class on this ticket cost 15 EUR more than first class (25 EUR more than second class) but includes a seat selection! So, if you already were...

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