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The First Time I Flew First Class

Background: Wow! Talk about a throwback post! The first time I flew First Class was through a complimentary upgrade on Delta in 2014! I wrote about the process on How I Scored a Free Lie Flat Upgrade yesterday. I was super ecstatic that my first time in domestic First Class would be on an internationally configured plane with lie flat seats! Flight Details: Delta Air Lines Flight 611 Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL) Plane: Boeing 767-300 Seat: 8B The Flight: Window Seat Center Seats Welcome Drink Previously, the seats were Business Elite for Delta. I had booked a seat...

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How I Scored a Free Lie Flat Upgrade

Background: Free Lie Flat?! A long long time ago back in the olden days (circa 2014) I had Delta Silver Medallion. At the time, they just announced complimentary medallion upgrades from the Mainland to Hawaii. I was really happy with this announcement because my family and I absolutely love going to Hawaii. During the early summer, I started looking at LAX-HNL flights. I noticed that the 8am flight was operated by a Boeing 767-300 that was internationally configured. The flight would continue on to Nagoya, Japan. I then studied the flight for a couple weeks, and noticed that over half...

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LAX to HNL Domestic Lie Flat First Class Flights

LAX-HNL Domestic Lie Flat: I remember a couple years back when US-Hawaii planes were all really old and there wasn’t many (if any) domestic lie flat seats for Mainland to Hawaii routes. Back in 2014, I found one domestic lie flat flight from LAX-HNL. DL 611, operated by a internationally configured 763 because it continued on to Nagoya, Japan. My Silver Medallion upgrade cleared, and I was flying in a Delta One seat! (Previously Business Elite). Nice way to start off my Hawaiian vacation. For what I remember, it was the only flight from LAX-HNL back then with lie...

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Review: Delta Comfort Plus 757 Transcontinental JFK-LAX

Background: I wrote about how when I landed from my inbound flight from Berlin, I checked my app to check on the status of my flight from JFK-LAX. SEAT CHANGE! From 27, to row 25. I was quite excited for a second, because I knew I was originally only 2 rows behind Comfort Plus! But then I thought it could have been an equipment change. Turns out it wasn’t, and I was in Comfort Plus! Woooo! I checked the standby list and my original seats in row 27 were given to standbys. Maybe the gate agent thought to upgrade...

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Try A New American 787-9 for $50

Background: American 787 Deal American has some nice fares on their 787-900 from Dallas to Los Angeles! There’s a American 787 deal on November 4th for $50 in the Main Cabin. Availability is kind of dwindling for other dates, so check while you can! There’s a Flyertalk thread on it.   What’s cooler is that American’s new Premium Economy is installed on this 787-900 and it’s treated as a Main Cabin Extra Seat! So if you have elite status (Alaska MVP Gold, AAdvantage Platinum and up), you essentially can nab a Premium Economy seat for just $50 at time of...

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Delta 767 Main Cabin Transatlantic Review

Background: After my horrible experience on the outbound legs, first being stuck in Atlanta overnight. Then, flying the transatlantic flight for 9 hours with No In-Flight Entertainment, I was hoping my flight home would be much more pleasant. The night before I logged into to check-in and was really excited when Delta Comfort Plus was showing free for my Berlin (TXL)- New York (JFK) flight! Too bad it was a glitch, which I wrote about. Sad face. I did get an upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus on my New York (JFK)- Los Angeles (LAX) leg which I’ll review tomorrow!...

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Marriott FREE Night after 2 Stays Promotion!

I’m actually a bit surprised that this promotion is going on! Marriott rewards is offering a free night in a (Category 1-5) after 2 paid stays at any participating hotel worldwide! But, it’s for new members only and I assume many of you readers have a Marriott Rewards account already. This may be shocking but I don’t have a Marriott Rewards Account. Woah really? Yup. I normally stay and book with my parents who do have Marriott Rewards accounts. How do I still partake in this promotion if I already have an account? 1) Do you have kids over 18?...

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Review: How Great Is The Waldorf Astoria Berlin?

Background: I was originally going to stay at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, but then during my extensive (ahem, one day) layover in Atlanta, I found out that Visa Signature Hotels had a 3rd night free promotion for Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and Curio! I’ve always wanted to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin, as their rooms look gorgeous online and it’s only 4 years old! The third night free made the stay a really good price, 320 EUR for the first 2 nights and the 3rd night free in a Twin Junior Suite! The total came up to right...

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České Dráhy First Class Review

Background: I love being in First Class now! For my European Trip, I booked all First Class seats for my connections from city to city, except for the first leg from Zurich to Salzburg because I arrived a day later than anticipated and missed my originally booked First Class train. To get to Berlin, I booked a First Class Prague to Berlin train and it was only 15 USD more to upgrade my ticket from 2nd class to 1st class. It often costs only a bit more than 2nd class, and I totally think the extra space is worth it!...

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Review: Best Marriott I Have Ever Stayed At

  Background: Honestly, I’m going to start off with the fact that I was not expecting this to be an amazing Marriott. The pictures online looked nice, but nothing super special. It was completely unexpected how amazing the Marriott was! Having stayed at a handful of Marriott’s, who would have thought the Prague Marriott would be the best one I have ever stayed at? For my Summer European Trip, I needed to find a hotel in Prague! For some reason, the week I was in Prague the hotels were not as cheap as they normally are. A bit frustrated,...

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