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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

Delta Launches New York Lagos Flight

Delta Airlines has a very strong presence in New York. They are the largest carrier at LGA, and are fighting to become the dominant carrier in JFK. The airline has undergone massive enhancement projects at both airports. They are the ones spearheading the remodel of LGA. At JFK, Delta expanded their operations in Terminal 4 into a global hub. The airline continues to expand their portfolio of destinations from JFK as Delta launches New York-Lagos flight. This is their second flight to Nigeria. Delta currently flies to Lagos from their hub in Atlanta.   What to Expect: Delta will...

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Where to Next? DFW Expansion

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. As someone who was born and raised in a small island, and now lives in Houston, I have to agree. From the cities, to the airports, Texas seems to take everything one step further. The largest airport by size in Texas is Dallas Ft. Worth. This airport is American Airline’s’ largest hub, and they have long sought to expand service through them. However, this trend is beginning to change, as the airport seeks newer long haul flights. The team behind the expansion, led by the Dallas and Ft Worth mayors, is seeking to...

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Delta Expressjet Partnership Ends

Delta’s longtime regional and commuter partner Expressjet is getting dumped. The airline, which at one point was called Atlantic Southeast Airlines, is going to shutter operations on behalf of Delta Connection. The airline is the largest regional partner at Atlanta airport for Delta. Expressjet operated over 50 aircraft for Delta at Atlanta. The fleet of 28 CRJ-900 and 33 CRJ-700 will be partially transferred to Delta. Delta will them hand them over to Endeavor Air, which is an airline they control. What Pushed Delta to Do This Delta decided to terminate its contract with Expressjet early because of their...

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Alitalia’s Struggle

Alitalia, Italy’s flag carrier, has found itself cornered. It faces a future even more uncertain than that of South African Airways, which is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Alitalia declared bankruptcy recently in an effort to maintain its New York slot and try to reorganize itself. Since this happened, Alitalia has found itself in an even more precarious situation.   United Makes Newark-Rome Year Round United Airlines, the king of Newark, announced earlier that they were planning on taking their Newark-Rome flight from seasonal to year round service. This means that Alitalia will now have to compete year...

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British Airways A380 Chicago Service

British Airways has recently been in the news for updating their business class soft product. Since then, they have also opened their new First Wing at Heathrow. The airline also has planned to improve their lounges at JFK, and opened a new one at Gatwick. In terms of routes, British Airways recently announced a new flight to Nashville. British Airways was recently reported at looking at retired A380s to add to their fleet. Well, it seems that BA will be needing a few more in the coming months. British Airways will begin A380 Service to Chicago later this year....

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SWISS Avro100 Retirement

SWISS has ended a chapter of their company history. The airline has retired their last Avro100 RJ aircraft. The airline flew the plane as the backbone of their regional fleet. SWISS has since scaled back the use of the aircraft, ultimately ordering its replacement. When SWISS ordered the C-Series from bombardier, the days of the Avro were numbered. After the airline had received enough aircraft to replace the Avro, the airline operated the last commercial flight a few months ago.   Last SWISS Avro100 Flight Yesterday, SWISS flew the last flight of their Avro100. After much fanfare, the special...

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Uh-Oh: Air Berlin Insolvency and What it Means

This morning I woke up to an email from Etihad stating that they were pulling their funding from Air Berlin. This step is the latest, and probably fatal, step that has taken the carrier down a road towards the end. Air Berlin, which is one of the quirkier carriers in Europe, has long been struggling. The airline has depended on Etihad’s investment in order to survive. Without Etihad, the airline is insolvent. The question now remains, how did we get here and what will happen next.   How Air Berlin Got Here Air Berlin has been transforming time and...

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American Los Angeles to Beijing Will Finally Take Off

After months of delay, American has secured a slot for their Los Angeles to Beijing flight. American has petitioned the governments of China and the US for the right to fly from LAX to PEK over a year ago. The interesting thing about this is the drama that’s been involved for this flight.   Taking it Away from Delta Originally, Delta was the airline that applied for the rights to serve this route. About two weeks later, American applied for the same route. Bear in mind that for flights between the US and China are regulated by bilateral agreements...

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British Airways Premium Partnership

British Airways has often considered itself a premium airline. However, they have for a long time lagged against their competitors. The airline has recently announced an innovation. British Airways’ premium partnership is meant to start to bridge the gap between BA and their competitors. The airline has partnered with the White Company for their Club World improvements. What to expect? British Airways’ business class was state of the art when it was introduced in 2006. Their Club World cabins were the first to offer fully flat seats to passengers. Since then, many airlines have caught up and surpassed them....

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Malaysia Airlines A380 London Service Ending

Malaysia Airlines has gone through quite a roller coaster over the past few years. Since the disappearance of MH370, and the bombing of MH17, the airline has struggled. They changed CEOs and tried to pair up with Emirates. They have successfully become a regional carrier, and only retained one key long haul route: Kuala Lumpur-London. This is their flagship route, and the airline has operated their largest aircraft (the A380) on it. It seems that the days are numbered for the A380 on MH’s system. With the delivery of the A350 later this year, the airline will substitute the...

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