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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Houston, where he is a full-time student at Rice University, and the other in San Juan, where his entire family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

Concierge Key Flagship Lounge Access

American Airlines has always kept their Concierge Key status very hush-hush. I had a chance to speak with an American representative earlier last year. She explained to me the only sure-fire way to get the status was spending $50K on an AirPass. Besides that, there is no published way to obtain the elite level. Well, it seems that for those with CK status, their status gets them a new perk. Concierge Key Flagship Lounge access is now part of the benefits. Gary Leff, over at View from The Wing, reported on this new elite perk.   What is Concierge...

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China, Russia Planning Wide Body Cooperation

China and Russia have started planning and cooperating in order to construct a new wide body jet. Their hopes are to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The new wide body aircraft is meant to be the same size as Boeing and Airbus’ most advanced aircraft: the 787 and the A350, respectively. CNN money reports that the aircraft project has the backing from the most senior members of each country’s’ government. The agreement between the countries has been in the works since 2016. It was then when the country’s presidents decided to pen a cooperation agreement. The Aircraft For now,...

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Qatar QSuite Debut on London Heathrow Route

Earlier this year, Qatar Airways unveiled what could be the most incredible business class hard product that has ever existed. Their CEO, Akbar al-Baker had been touting it for years, at some point mentioning that it would make First class redundant. This was interesting because the airline offers a First Class product on their A380s, and even then the hard product is not “out of this world”.   The QSuite is Born During ITB Berlin earlier this year, Qatar Airways showcased their new business class. Called QSuites, their new business class offers enclosed suites, and the only double bed...

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The Future of Alitalia

As OMAAT reported earlier, Alitalia’s employees have just voted against a so called austerity measure. This means that the airline will possibly run out of capital soon, which in turn means the airline may close. Although not a certainty, there are very few options out there for the struggling carrier. Lucky put it well when he mentioned that no government wants to be responsible for creating 12,000 unemployed people, as well as losing a national icon. The issue is, how can you sustain hemorrhaging money? There are a few options that I think can happen to save Alitalia. The...

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Honeywell Pilot Interview

I had a chance to speak with Honeywell about their breakthroughs in technology and get a glimpse of what their Flight Support Services team does. Nathan “Nate” Turner works as the manager for this division and he graciously offered and interview about his experiences as a pilot, working with Honeywell, and about what he sees as the future for the aviation industry. MT: What is your background, and how did you get started with aviation? NT: I have been flying since I was a kid. My grandfather would take me on his airplane as a child, I started flying...

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New Hawaiian A321

Hawaiian Airlines had previously ordered 18 Airbus A321neos. They planned that this aircraft would replace part of their ageing 767 fleet. For the longest time, Hawaiian has been the only airline consistently flying wide body aircraft to the US. With the introduction of the A321neos, we can see them transitioning to a more competitive strategy. With their recently remodeled A330s, which now have lie flat seats, the airline can offer the best product to Hawaii. New Hawaiian A321 Interiors The airline has recently announced the configuration of their A321neos. The aircraft will have 16 first class seats, and 173...

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Norwegian Adds Denver, Seattle

Norwegian Airlines, the transAtlantic low cost carrier, has been adding routes over the past few months. With their expansion into the US market with their new 737MAX, it seems that the airline would add more routes to the East Coast. Well, the airline has just announced that it will continue to expand in the West Coast. Norwegian Adds Denver, Seattle Norwegian has announced new flights to Denver and Seattle, two previously unserved markets. These flights, per Airlineroute, will be flown 2 and 4 times weekly, each. The airline plans to use their 787-9s on these routes. Usually, Norwegian flies...

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Qantas New Premium Economy

Qantas Airlines, the largest airline in Australia, is known for their quality in flight product. They have recently unveiled a new version of their premium economy seat. The airline has been updating their business class product on their A330s, and the new 787-9 will have this new product as well. However, the airline will also install these new seats on their 787-9s   Qantas New Premium Economy Qantas’ new premium economy class seat will be installed starting on the 787-9. The seat is an improvement to their current Premium Economy product. The seat will be 10% wider, and add...

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Condor Adds Flights to the US

Condor Airlines, the German Leisure carrier, is a very interesting airline. They offer seasonal flights to random airports, in my opinion. The airline flies to cities such as Baltimore, to far off places like Fairbanks, Alaska. They operate a fleet of Airbus aircraft, 757s and 767s. Condor for a very long time was affiliated to Lufthansa, but not they fly with the Thompson group of airlines. My favorite fact about Condor is that they were the only transatlantic airline to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a while. They fly to Frankfurt from PR, and from most US destinations. In...

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Singapore Airlines Boeing Order

Singapore Airlines has placed an order to continue renewing its fleet. The Singapore Airlines Boeing order is worth some $14 billion at list prices. This will likely be much more than what the airline will pay, as they tend to get discounts. The airline placed an order for 39 aircraft. Of these, 20 are 777-9Xs and 19 are 787-10s. The 787-10 orders are on top of the 30 that the airline already had purchased beforehand. Boeing over Airbus I was very surprised that Singapore Airlines chose Boeing over Airbus. They have had a good experience with their A350s, and...

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