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United: Don’t Record Me, I’ll Cancel Your Flight!

Premise A United passenger flying back from New Orleans to San Francisco had his ticket cancelled by a United gate agent after filming the agent during a dispute over baggage fees. United, in already a dangerously precarious position after the fiasco with Dr. Dao previously being dragged off a United flight, responded quickly, but the situation is still without resolution.   To Record or Not: Passenger Argument The passenger, Navang Oza, claims the same bag, which cost him $125 to check out, now costs more than double that – $300! – to fly back, as it exceeded the 50 pound weight...

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I Don’t Know, Where Should I Travel Next?

Premise I am sure this is such a strange problem to have, but I have a very difficult problem when answering people (*ahem* timeshare agents) when they ask where I want to travel. To be honest, everywhere I have wanted to go I have been to, at least once. I would certainly love to travel more regularly and often, and have been to some amazing places that I could go back to, but in terms of new ideas I draw from others.   Where I have been This is not a final list, but several top of mind places that...

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A Peek Behind The Curtain: Why I Write

Premise I recently got asked why I started, of why I write about travel and why I started a travel blog, and I wanted to explain more on the topic. Of course, much of it will be standard fare and very familiar. But, I like to think I provide a different, analytical perspective to all of the mass of travel information currently available, as well as provide a separate perspective on the travel news. For the most part, it boils down to three components: I write for myself, I write for you, the readers, and I write for us,...

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Can You Make Thousands Off Your Own Travel Photos?

Premise With a title like that, how could I not click it? Make thousands of dollars on your own photos that you will take anyway!  Pay for vacations! What a magical experience. However, the reality is much more mundane and deflated my emotions quickly. Forbes reports the average US vacation expense per person being in excess of $1,000, and so people always look for ways to mitigate that damage. This is certainly one of the more creative routes I’ve seen.   “All you have to do is snap a few photos” According to traveler and photographer James Wheeler, you...

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ALERT: Hyatt Points Sale – 30% More Bonus Points!

Premise You can always purchase points or miles from the various hotel and airline companies, but you should be only doing it during sales, to maximize your value. Yesterday, Hyatt launched a Limited Time Offer of 30% More Bonus Points, or 30% more points for every points purchase of 5,000 or more, ending May 23rd. This represents a decent deal, as Hyatt maintains similar hotel category costs as Starwood of between 5,000 and 30,000 points. Hyatt Points sales happen a couple times a year, and helps those looking to top off their accounts and hit that target amount necessary for...

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The Fastest Way to Get or Renew a Passport

Premise For those who have had passport issues, or nightmare stories of lost or misplaced passports, you need to know the details and procedures to get them fixed. Since it’s impossible to fly or travel abroad without a passport (except for the cases of refugees fleeing persecution or travelers losing theirs while abroad), I wanted to have an easy to use resource for readers to reference.   When do you need your passport? (United States) The below information is from a variety of sources, primarily the State Department’s government website. Immediately! This is for life & death emergencies, and...

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The Dumpster Fire That Is Fyre Festival

Situation: Idyllic Imagine, if you will, an epic music festival, on a beautiful Bahamas beach, in the Caribbean, promoted by beautiful Instagram models. Customers paying between $1,500 and nearly $13,000 for tickets will dine on celebrity chef-prepared gourmet meals, stay in luxury “geodesic domes”, party on private jets & yachts, schmooze with models & “influencers”, music artists, and celebs, while enjoying top bands such as Blink-182. Alas, this was not to be. This story was simply too enjoyable and amazing for me not to write about. Buckle up, #travelnightmare.   Complication: It’s really complicated Scheduled for late April &...

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ALERT: Virgin America Point Devaluation Incoming!

Premise The sad demise of Virgin America is coming as it “merges” with Alaska Airlines. In reality, Alaska acquired Virgin, which is bad news for Virgin customers. First to go was the ability to transfer points from Starwood to Virgin America, at the favored 20,000 SPG for 25,000 VX rate, and now there is a “devaluation” incoming. They definitely did not handle it as well as the Starwood & Marriott “merger”. Read on for more!   Virgin & Alaska Details Not strictly a devaluation – but rather Virgin intends to convert fully to the Alaska Airlines system. That means, you...

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United Airlines Reaches Settlement with Dragged-Off Passenger

Premise Finally, some sort of resolution to this saga! United reached a settlement earlier today with Dr. Dao, who was violently dragged off a United flight earlier this month by Chicago police officers.   Settlement Details (or Lack Thereof) Unfortunately, financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed, according to Dao’s lawyers. They did praise Untied CEO Oscar Munoz for his taking full responsibility, especially not blaming the City of Chicago. Reading online forums, many seem to think this was United’s best course of action – paying him off quickly, as every single mention of this incident will continue to...

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How Clean is your Hotel Bed?

This post is brought to you by Amerisleep. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Amerisleep, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.   Premise The standard line of thinking is you get what you pay (or don’t pay) for. That is, the level of cleanliness for a hotel bed and room is commensurate to the level of quality and stars of the hotel. Nicer hotels should be cleaner than cheaper hotels. But, is that really the case? I’ve taken a dive on graphs and data provided by Amerisleep on the cleanliness of the quintessential hotel bed, as...

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