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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

What Is Flying The Rarest British Airways Aircraft in Club Europe Like?

The rarest British Airways aircraft in the European fleet is the widebody Boeing 767-300ER. There are just seven of these aircraft remaining and all of them feature the old Club Europe seats. On this flight the crew informed me that they expected these aircraft to be retired from service in 2018 meaning this could be my last flight on board one of these aircraft. So what’s flying the rarest aircraft like? BA903 – Frankfurt to London Heathrow (FRA-LHR) 27 April 2017 Boeing 767-300ER – G-BZHC Seat: Club Europe 2A Departure: 10:55 Arrival: 11:45 It is always lovely being on...

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Review: Runway Views at Novotel Auckland Airport

The Novotel Auckland Airport is one of those hotels that I class as the surprising airport hotel. Usually people expect an airport hotel to be pretty basic but in some cases the rooms are nicer than those in the city. My reason for choosing this hotel was it is the one right at the airport terminal. When I arrive somewhere for an overnight stay, I don’t want to have to get transport. I want my bed and I want it immediately. Prior to my stay I received an e-mail encouraging me to check-in online which I did. Once through...

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Review: Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Frankfurt

Japan Airlines operate a Sakura Lounge in Frankfurt. This caters for business class passengers and people who are oneworld Sapphire and above. There is a separate first class lounge which is sadly not open until the afternoon. The lounge is quite busy during the morning with many seats taken and lots of people working away on devices. The lounge is essentially one big open room with a few dividers here and there. Showering In Frankfurt When you ask for a shower, the desk attendant will take your boarding pass and issue you with a key to the shower. It...

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Review: Qantas First Class Lounge Auckland

Usually it pays to do your research before you travel and in this case it would have been good had I done some beforehand. During my last transit through Auckland, I used the Qantas Club lounge which I was far from impressed with. This time the lounge agent directed me to a door marked “By Invitation” and it turns out Qantas operate a separate first class lounge in this city. Expecting to be in the dowdy and busy Qantas Club, instead I entered an oasis of calm, a room filled with pleasant furniture and a decent array of food...

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What Happens When Your Bag Misses Your Flight?

The nightmare of your bag not making it with you to your final destination is very real. Twice in my life, my bag did not make it on the flight with me. For those that have not had this experience, count yourself lucky. It is not that uncommon for your luggage to not make it, especially when you have a lot of connections. Waiting In Vain At The Carousel Unlike Logan’s Run, the carousel at baggage claim is the least glamorous part of most airports. Everyone is standing around playing the waiting game before their bag appears and off...

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My First Experience With The British Airways Buy On Board Service

Flights in EuroTraveller on British Airways now feature a buy on board service. Even though I usually fly in Club Europe using my Avios, my first experience with buy on board was eagerly anticipated. Forums on the Internet have been abuzz with all the problems with the service. Equipment not working, poorly trained crew, running out of menu items and passengers not being served due to time constraints have all occurred during the introduction of the service. My First Experience On my flight between London Heathrow and Pisa, I was seated at the very front of the EuroTraveller cabin....

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10 Things I Love About The Qantas Sydney International First Lounge

The Qantas International First lounge in Sydney has a number of features which I really enjoy. There is a spa offering 20 minute spa treatments for one. In addition, there is a top quality dining room featuring excellent dishes changed seasonally. I reviewed the lounge last year and as luck would have it I am here once more. This time, here are 10 pictures to illustrate what I love about it today. 1. Flippy Departure Boards For those people who are over thirty, you will remember the split-flap departure boards that used to feature in airports around the world....

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What Is Flying On The Baby Boeing Like In Business Class?

Everyone loves a baby and the baby Boeing is the Boeing 717-200. Originally starting life as the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, it was renamed when Boeing took over McDonnell Douglas in the 1990s. The aircraft was not a sales success and production ceased in 2006. Since then it has found a niche for certain airlines and QantasLink in Australia operate 20 examples of the aircraft. Let’s see what the baby Boeing is like in business class. QF1535 – Canberra to Melbourne (CBR-MEL) 21 April 2017 Boeing 717-200 – VH-YQT Seat: Business Class 1A Departure: 13:15 Arrival: 14:25 On board the...

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Love Aviation And In Sydney? Check Out The Qantas Heritage Collection

At the Qantas domestic terminal in Sydney Airport is the Qantas Heritage Collection. This is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm and is worth a visit if you are passing through the airport. One thing that foreign tourists need to know is that anyone can go airside at the domestic terminals at Sydney Airport. You do not need to hold a boarding pass or be travelling. Everyone passes through security screening which means families can still meet people at the gate. Qantas Heritage Collection Once through the fast and painless Sydney security, turn left and walk...

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Which Airline Served Raw Meat And Followed Up With Astonishing Service Recovery?

Dinner time in business class is usually an airlines most elaborate meal, so one wouldn’t expect to be served raw meat. It is the first time I have ever flown and experienced something this bad. I selected my flight specifically based on the fact it would have a full dinner service. I’m always curious to see what airlines offer on board which is why these things come into play. QF553 – Brisbane to Sydney 19 April 2017 Boeing 737-838 – VH-VZS “Cairns” Seat: Business Class 1A Departure: 19:35 Arrival: 21:10 On this flight I was first on board which...

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