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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

How Spectacular is Qatar Airways’ 787 Business Class?

Qatar Airways business class on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a pretty spectacular experience. The relatively short six hour flight between Stockholm and Doha is perfectly timed for an elaborate dinner service. Check-in opens approximately 3 hours before departure and I requested to be moved to seat 1A which was granted. Next I spent some time in the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge after which I left and headed to the gate. At Stockholm you wait in seats at the gate before actually boarding which is how some airports do it. QR168 – Stockholm Arlanda to Doha (ARN-DOH) 25 August 2017...

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Discovering Chia Pots in the Qantas Auckland First Lounge

What the hell is a Chia Pot? You tell me and we’ll both know. Breakfast time at an airline lounge is usually a predictable affair. There will be hot items such as bacon and eggs and cold items such as pastries, yoghurt and fruit. But Chia? I know what Chia is, in fact I buy it and sprinkle a spoonful on my cereal each morning. However the last place I expect to see it is in an airline lounge and in an unexpected form. Breakfast in Auckland My routine on arrival in an airline lounge is fairly standard. If...

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Here’s Why A Post Flight Shower Is Better Than Sex

Long haul flying is a dirty business, isn’t it? You sit in a seat for hours on end stewing in your own sweat, eating, drinking, watching movies and waiting to land. Unless you’re flying Emirates first class there is no chance for a shower until you arrive. There is only so much spritzing you can do on board the plane. Layers of spray and creams add to the natty sticky feeling on your face. Throw in copious amounts of food and drink and things are pretty grim. The Long Way Home What are a few extra hours of travel...

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Amusing Clangers On Qatar’s Oryx One Moving Map

The moving map is a staple of inflight entertainment systems on long haul aircraft. It is much more than a map as the system shows your altitude and speed in real time along with other information. On the Qatar Airways Oryx One system fitted to the Boeing 777-200LR, it also shows information about the places you are flying over. A recent trip showed some errors when it comes to the data for Sydney. Sydney Opera House The Opera House in Sydney is quite a pretty building with an interesting history. The story of how the local Government interfered with...

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Why is interline baggage check in so painful at outstations?

I must confess that I am the check in agents worst nightmare at outstations. They see me approaching with my sheaves of paper and begin to shiver with despair at what I might be about to ask. Yes, I’m that guy – the one who books some flights with cash and others with miles. These two bookings combine to actually get me where I want to go at a price point I can afford. Two Tickets Cause One Problem Airlines can interline baggage which means they can send your bag on from one carrier to another. This is usually...

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Review: Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Lounge Terminal 5

It is quite rare for me to get lost in an airport as usually it is very easy to find things. The location of the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge at Terminal 5 in Arlanda Airport is not obvious at all. Two different airport staff gave me directions but for some reason my brain did not process what they were saying. “After Passport Control” in my head was being mixed up with after security which I had already done. Finally Found It! After shuttling back and forth knowing I was in the wrong place I finally clicked that I had to...

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How enjoyable is a great Movie or TV Box Set when flying?

Long haul flights are a great opportunity to catch up on movies and television. Recent release movies are the big plus for me but lately there is a growing trend to offer a box set on the entertainment system. In essence this is a series or collection of programmes that you can happily binge watch if you wish. This means that if you love a show or movie series you can watch all of them as you fly to your destination. The Movie Box Set The term box set is really incorrect as it would best be called a...

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How great is the new Scandinavian Airlines A320 NEO?

Scandinavian Airlines – or SAS – operate the new Airbus A320 NEO. These are the most efficient version of the Airbus A320 and have only been around for about a year. You can imagine my delight when I noticed I would be on one of these aircraft. Checking in online the night before, I selected an exit row window seat and I was all set to travel. SK536 – Dublin to Stockholm Arlanda (DUB-ARN) 25 August 2017 Airbus A320 NEO – LN-RGL – Sol Viking Seat: Economy Class 12F Departure: 09:15 Arrival: 12:35 At Dublin Airport there was no...

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Vueling Punto Changing to Vueling Club and using Avios

Spanish low cost carrier Vueling is changing their frequent flyer programme. The current Punto scheme will become Vueling Club in September and passengers will earn Avios on bookings. Vueling is owned by International Airlines Group (IAG) which also owns British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus among others. All those airlines use Avios in their programmes also and it is possible to move miles between the schemes. Existing Punto Miles Frequent flyers in the existing Punto scheme will see their points converted to Avios. Every punto will convert to 9 Avios and the airline will convert these automatically when the...

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What were Business Class airline meals like back in 2008?

Cast your eye back to 2008, a full nine years ago. The global financial crisis was in full swing and here in Ireland businesses were closing and people were beginning to become redundant. My own redundancy occurred the following year which meant I was still spending happily on business class flights in 2008. As I was writing flight reviews even then, I decided to delve into the archive and give you a flavour of what airlines were serving that year. Malev Business Class Hungarian airline Malev used to be a member of the oneworld alliance before it went bankrupt....

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