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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Review: Noodles at CDG in Cathay Pacific’s Paris Lounge

Cathay Pacific’s lounge in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris is used by Cathay Pacific, British Airways and eligible oneworld alliance frequent flyers. It is located between Terminal 2A and Terminal 2C in the connecting building adjacent to the American Airlines Admiral’s Club. Since this lounge opened, the airline has created a new premium lounge concept which is currently featured in two lounges – one in Hong Kong and one at London Heathrow. Despite not being the latest design, British Airways frequent flyers consider it the best “British Airways” lounge on the continent. The IT Zone Immediately on...

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Bland And Beautiful British Airways Club Europe Food In Band 1

Back to back flights at afternoon tea and dinner time let me experience the bland and the beautiful of British Airways Club Europe food. One is my favourite meal when flying British Airways and the other is one I actively avoid. Band 1 at British Airways refers to the catering on the shortest short haul European routes. There are four different groups of European catering bands based on flight duration, with the longest flights in Band 4 (London to Athens for example) having the most elaborate meals. Bland Band 1 Dinner Flying at dinner time in business class one...

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Remember Visiting The Airport Just To Look At Planes?

One of the most exciting things about airports are the planes themselves. You would be hard pressed in any airport terminal to find the windows free of children who are fascinated by the activity outside. Interestingly enough, many of the parents seem to enjoy the sights just as much. Once upon a time, I used to visit the airport just to see the planes after my grandfather gave me two model planes as a gift. That TWA 727 and Pan Am 707 are responsible for a lot. You’d Go To The Airport Just To Look At Planes? Throughout the...

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Review: Effortless Comfort At Hotel Marceau Bastille Paris

Hotel Marceau Bastille is a boutique 4 star hotel in Paris located very close to Gare de Lyon which is a major train station. Le Bus Direct from Charles de Gaulle Airport has a stop at Gare de Lyon and from there it is around 5 minutes walk to the hotel. When booking hotels, I check Kaligo and Rocketmiles as I like to earn a decent amount of frequent flyer miles on my booking. Hotel Marceau Bastille was priced at around €100 per night booking direct. It was a little more with Kaligo, but as I would earn over...

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Qatar Airways Reveals New QSuite Business Class

Qatar Airways has one of the highest rated Business Class products in the sky today and this is only set to continue with the launch of the new QSuite. It is common knowledge that a new seat and product enhancements were on the way. Today at the ITB Berlin trade show, the veil of secrecy lifted and we finally know what the new seat will look like. QSuite For The Future Seats appear to be in a yin yang configuration with some people flying forwards and some backwards. This is the configuration used at British Airways but the similarities...

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Review: Aer Lingus Bia Menu Scones To Paris

Scones are one of my favourite foods to have at afternoon tea time. Regular readers will know I am a massive fan of the British Airways afternoon tea in Club Europe and the scones are mainly why. Ireland’s Aer Lingus have a decent network to major cities throughout Europe. Meal service features a well thought out buy on board menu called Bia, the Irish word for food. Various snacks and drinks are available and this time I decided to try the scones. EI526 – Dublin to Paris Charles de Gaulle (DUB-CDG) 3 March 2017 Airbus A320-200 – EI-DEF –...

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Intrigue And Glamour Behind Qantas Flight 580

Australia’s Qantas is the oldest airline in the English speaking world and there is plenty of intrigue and glamour in its past. From the Secret Order of the Double Sunrise to naming routes after animals there really is something unique about this airline. This brings us to the little known Flight 580. Today Qantas Flight 580 is a routine transcontinental service between Perth and Sydney. This 5 hour flight at lunch time is operated by the Airbus A330-200 featuring the latest in modern comfort. Things were very different in the past. Flying On A V-Jet Boeing 707s at Qantas...

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Trust Your Web Site Price Quote? My Advice: Don’t!

One of the most important parts of booking travel is the price. Most decisions are made based on the price quoted on screen – do I think this is a good deal? Am I prepared to pay this much? We have all been there. For airlines it is extremely important as pricing is varied depending on demand. This is why flights are more expensive over school holidays compared to a normal working week. Managing this revenue effectively can make or break an airline so what happens when something goes wrong? Beware The Wrong Price I trust the web sites...

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Qatar Airways Reverses Ridiculous Oneworld Transfer Baggage Rules

According to an exclusive on Australian Business Traveller, Qatar Airways are no longer going to adhere to the draconian oneworld alliance rules on transfer baggage. This is excellent news indeed, especially for people like me who have upcoming travel with the airline. Why The Big Deal? Last year the alliance decided to stop checking baggage through to other airlines in the alliance when transferring to another flight on a separate ticket. The reason for this is to prevent airlines being liable financially for baggage lost on tickets they are not earning any revenue from. You would think the airlines...

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Surely I Can Get My Flights and Hotel Cheaper Than This?

I’m sure you have been there – attempting to get things cheaper. You decide on a place to visit and then it is time to put together your holiday. This means visiting airline web sites, hotel sites and so on to book and pay for all the elements you need. People used to pay a Travel Agent to do this but since the advent of the Internet, many of us do it ourselves. Various web sites are usually visited to try to find the best price for your flights and hotel. It can be time consuming or it can...

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