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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

How Do They Do Domestic Business Class In Australia?

Heading down to Australia is always fun and flights on the national carrier Qantas are an eye opening experience. Most flights are operated by the Boeing 737-800 but some feature the international Airbus A330. This aircraft features the Qantas Business Suite which is the international product. When flying domestically, the only difference is the on board service. Lie flat seats in business class on a flight of under an hour and a half is really something. QF460 – Melbourne to Sydney (MEL-SYD) 21 April 2017 Airbus A330-300 – VH-QPI – Cairns Seat: Business Class 2A Departure: 18:30 Arrival: 19:55...

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Should Parents With A Baby Bring Treats For Other Passengers?

A friend of mine suggested that parents should bring treats for other passengers when they bring a baby on board. The rationale was that it would stop people from being so annoyed when the baby inevitably cried. I thought it was an interesting idea. When spotting parents with a baby boarding, many people will hope that the baby is nowhere near them. Frequent flyer forums base seating preferences on trying to keep as far away from a potential baby as possible. An Irish Couple Gave Out Treats The Irish Independent featured an article today where parents gave out treats...

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What Is The Worst Thing About The Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

You would be forgiven for thinking there is no worst feature of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Everyone lavishes praise on the aircraft for all the wonderful things it has. Larger windows, fuel efficient design, all electric architecture, a lower cabin altitude and a heads up display for the pilots. For years it was trumpeted as the aircraft that could do everything but read. However, there is an insidious feature of the Boeing 787, one people expect to love which actually the worst and a complete and utter annoyance. A Little About Those Windows On the surface, it seems the...

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Battle of the Business Class Lunch on Flights Under 2 Hours

It is interesting to see what airlines offer in business class when it comes to food, so here is a battle between three airlines showing their business class meal offering on flights under 2 hours. In Europe, it is British Airways Club Europe and KLM Europe Business Class. Heading down under, we have the offering of Australia’s Qantas as a comparison. These meals were all served in March and April of 2017. KLM Europe Business Class Dublin to Amsterdam Opening the battle are our friends at KLM. This is the oldest airline in the world and my first flight...

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Why Did The International Business Class Menu On Qantas Jetconnect Between Sydney and Auckland Leave Me Baffled?

Jetconnect are a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas based in New Zealand. The airline operates a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft between New Zealand and Australia. The reason for the setup of the subsidiary is down to money as it is more profitable to operate the airline this way. On board service, frequent flyer benefits, uniforms and training is the same as Qantas in Australia. I decided to try the Qantas Business Class service between Sydney and Auckland on a dinner service. QF149 – Sydney to Auckland (SYD-AKL) 25 April 2017 Boeing 737-838 – ZK-ZQF – Abel Tasman Seat:...

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Have You Ever Done The Walk of Shame When Boarding?

There is very little that would give a feeling of shame on board an aircraft. Most people tend to be quite polite and pleasant and understand that everyone wants to get to the other end with a minimum of fuss. I am a person who likes to board the aircraft first as it means the airport experience is over and time to fly. As an aviation geek, I love being on planes so the sooner I get on board the better. Except that one time. Being Seen Off By Friends In Australia, when flying domestically, you can go through...

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How Incredible is the New Qatar Airways A350 Business Class?

It is incredible just how Qatar Airways kept surprising me with their business class product. My first time on the new Airbus A350 surprised me in all the right ways. After spending some time in the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, I headed off to the gate and got the last bus across the tarmac to my aircraft. Economy class passengers boarded via the rear stairs while those of us in business class boarded through the front stairs. QR69 – Doha to Frankfurt (DOH-FRA) 27 April 2017 Airbus A350-941 – A7-ALK Seat: Business Class 2A Departure: 01:30 Arrival: 07:05...

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How Amazing is the New Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Brisbane?

In major Australian capital cities, Qantas operate a business lounge in addition to the Qantas Club. These lounges are restricted to passengers travelling in business class and oneworld alliance Emerald level frequent flyers. The Qantas Club is paid lounge access and these are the lounges throughout Australia. oneworld Sapphire members are also granted entry to these lounges which are quite good. The business lounge is one step above. Brisbane Domestic Business Lounge Brisbane recently saw some lounge renovations so the business lounge is one of the newest in the network. It features a full service bar along with a...

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Delicious Meals In The Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge

When I previously visited the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan lounge in Doha, I found myself to be quite underwhelmed by the experience. Between flights, I had a shower and did not try the restaurant on the upper level. Many people commented that I missed the best part and when I found myself passing through again I had no intention of trying the meals on offer as I had a relatively short connection. Thanks to the Qatar Airways team, I found time to sample the delights on offer. Upstairs Restaurant Up the sweeping curved staircase is a large restaurant featuring...

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Enhancements to the British Airways Executive Club

There is a running joke at FlyerTalk on the British Airways forum that any time the airline reduces something the spin doctors in marketing write about them as though they are enhancements. On that forum, if someone says something has been enhanced by the airline it usually means something good is now gone. Today British Airways announced three enhancements to the Executive Club and here they are. Free Seat Selection On Basic Fares British Airways offer two fares in EuroTraveller called Basic and Plus. Basic fares do not include any luggage and you must pay for seat selection. Plus...

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