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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Is This The World’s Most Logical Boarding Pass?

Online check-in revolutionised business travel as it allowed passengers to print their own boarding pass before flying. Those with hand luggage no longer have to visit a check-in desk which can save quite a bit of time. The downside to printing your own boarding pass is most printers use A4 paper as standard. It is unwieldy to carry around and many people fold up the sheet so it fits easily into a pocket. Upon boarding, passengers have a large piece of paper to unfold and hand over along with their identity document. It’s not great! Ryanair’s Boarding Pass Europe’s...

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You Haven’t Made It As a Frequent Flyer Until You Get This

The typical frequent flyer programme has four levels of membership. When you join you are obviously at the lowest level. Some airlines refer to this level by colour such as Blue on British Airways or Green on Aer Lingus, while others have no name for it at all. Once you start flying you gradually move up to levels such as Bronze, then to Silver and finally to Gold. The levels can have whatever name but each higher one is is named to make it seem better than the one before. Made It To The Very Top? Certain airlines found...

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Do You Think Airline Lounges Should Allow Paid Access?

Emirates have announced that economy class passengers now have paid access to their first class and business class lounges. The cost is $100 for access to the business lounges and another $200 for access to the first lounges. The price point is relatively high which reflects Emirates feeling that access is worth this much. It begs the question, does paid access dilute the experience for other passengers? Paid Access or Earned Access? One of the most desirable aspects of climbing the levels in a frequent flyer programme is the lounge access. People actively go to the airport a little...

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What Is Your Fastest Time Through An Airport on Arrival?

You land at an airport and you want to get where you’re going in the fastest time possible. The flight is over and all you want to do is start your holiday, get on with the business trip or head on home. Airports around the world try to make this experience painless and when flying domestically, it usually is. Arriving as an international passenger is another story. Disgusting Delays The first time I arrived in Europe was on Qantas into London Heathrow Terminal 4. After a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong, all I wanted to do was change...

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Beware Of Schedule Change Roulette When Booking Early

The biggest nightmare when putting together a trip with multiple sectors is having a schedule change. Airlines moving flight times around can put other flights on separate bookings in jeopardy. Last year I booked flights in May in the Qatar Airways flash sale to Auckland. My travel dates were for April 2017 so I booked around 11 months in advance. None of the flights had a schedule change by December so I booked connecting flights. Schedule Change! As luck would have it, as soon as I had my connecting flights in place, I was notified of a schedule change....

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Want A Meal On British Airways? Bring Your Credit Card!

British Airways are no longer offering a complimentary meal to passengers flying Euro Traveller. This means that if you are ticketed in economy class on services within Europe you will have to pay for your meal and any drinks you wish to consume on board. People seem very passionate about this and I completely agree with this change as I have written about previously. Payment is by credit card and members of the Executive Club can pay using their Avios points. Cash is not accepted. People who fly infrequently will be able to put their small Avios balances to...

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Should Obese People Be Charged For An Extra Seat?

Passengers happily ensconced in their seat are fun to watch during boarding. When an obviously obese person trundles down the aisle, a look of abject terror will momentarily cross their face. You can almost see the internal mantra of “Please walk past, please walk past!” reflected in their wide eyed stare. The barely concealed fear remains in their eyes until, with a sigh of relief, the rotund fellow traveller moves on. The fear is real as being stuck beside a fuller figured person in economy class can make for a difficult flight. The question has come up from time...

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Bonus Avios Offer For British Airways Frequent Flyers

British Airways are offering bonus Avios points once again. All members of the Executive Club are able to take advantage of this promotion which is a great way to enhance your points balance. This means you have more points to use for reward flights, flight upgrades and so on. I have taken advantage of this promotion before so let’s have a look at how it works. Register for Bonus Avios You register for the promotion at the Global Triple Avios Offer web page. You need to be a member of the Executive Club to take part and all members...

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Unbelievable Deals In Qatar Airways January 2017 Sale

Qatar Airways is well known for having excellent deals from time to time on their flights. They refer to their periodic sales as a Travel Festival and the January one has now commenced. Other sales appear from time to time and one of the best deals I have ever seen was the price for business class tickets to Auckland in a flash sale in May last year. Deals In The January 2017 Sale The sale is live from now through to 16 January for travel through to 15 December 2017. Some blackout dates apply. There are some fairly decent...

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What’s Upstairs Like On A British Airways A380 in Club?

Flying upstairs on an aircraft is rare enough. Most aircraft have a single level and only the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 feature an upper deck. The smaller one on the Boeing 747 feels very exclusive and usually contains Business Class seating. Passengers actively choose to sit here as it feels like being on a private jet. British Airways Airbus A380 Top of the stairs Speedmarque On the Airbus A380 the deck runs the whole length upstairs and generally features Business Class seating and Premium Economy. On some airlines Economy Class seats are upstairs too meaning everyone can get...

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