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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

John Travolta Donates His Qantas Boeing 707 to HARS

John Travolta owns a former Qantas Boeing 707-138B which he uses as a private jet and this aircraft is the last Boeing 707-138B produced. The aircraft first flew on 1 September 1964 and operated its first service from Sydney to Tokyo on 2 October of the same year. Today it is announced that the aircraft will be donated to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) based in Albion Park. This will mean both the first and last Qantas 707-138B aircraft will be on display in Australia. Who Are HARS? HARS are a non-profit society that restore and fly historic...

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How Does It Feel To Lose Your Gold Status?

British Airways Gold is one of the highest levels you can achieve in the Executive Club. This is the equivalent to oneworld Emerald which is the highest level in the alliance. To achieve this at British Airways you need to accumulate 1,500 tier points in one year. My first post on Travel Update was about the British Airways Gold pack that you get in the mail. In about two weeks time, I will lose my Gold status forever. My Favourite Gold Benefits There are tangible benefits to being a Gold frequent flyer or oneworld Emerald. At British Airways, you...

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How Bad Is The Renovated Dublin Airport DAA Lounge?

For the past month or two, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) have been renovating their Executive Lounge in Terminal 1. This lounge used to be the bmi lounge until that airline was absorbed into British Airways. At that point, the lounge reverted to airport operation and is the lounge used by many different airlines serving Terminal 1. There are two halves to the lounge and one half is closed while the other half is being renovated. On my recent visit, I was happy to see the first half is now open and the other half is now being renovated. Arriving...

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Review: Hotel THB Los Molinos Class Ibiza

When your taxi driver tells you, “It is one of the best hotels in Ibiza!” you know you are probably on to a winner. I chose to stay at the THB Los Molinos in Ibiza as it has good reviews and as it is shoulder season quite reasonably priced. The hotel is about ten to fifteen minutes drive from the airport and the fare is around €15. On arrival in the wee hours of the morning, I checked in. Check-In Experience You need to pay the city tourist tax separately and this is €1.15 per night. Reception is on...

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Hideous Scenes at Ibiza Airport as Cleaners Strike

There is currently a cleaners strike at Ibiza Airport and the airport is an absolute disgrace. I arrived at the airport just after 2am on Saturday 20 May 2017 and proceeded to get a taxi. When I arrived outside, I noticed a bin overflowing and thought it must just be full and the cleaners would get to it the next morning. I spent a lovely short break in Ibiza relaxing in the sun. Astonishment At Check-In Sunday morning 21 May 2017, I headed back to the airport and when the taxi dropped me off I noticed the bins overflowing...

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What is the Melbourne Qantas Domestic Business Lounge Like?

In Melbourne, no-one can hear you scream. Actually, everyone would hear you scream because the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge is completely rammed full of passengers meaning you can barely move. Compared to the business like Sydney lounge, the Melbourne lounge featured fashionistas with angle cut white dyed hair, people in leopard print, hipsters to the gills and a smattering of weary business people. Let’s Have A Look Inside The All Day Dining Menu is superior to that in Sydney, featuring a Thai Green Chicken Curry and a Chorizo Dog. No surprises what I went for – and no, it’s...

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History: Vickers Viscount – The World’s First Turboprop

The world’s first turboprop aircraft was the British manufactured Vickers Viscount. This aircraft was powered by the Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop and at the time was a revolution for efficiency and passenger comfort. A major sales success, 445 aircraft were produced between 1948 and 1963. Service commenced in 1953 with Britain’s BEA and the aircraft saw service throughout the world. Viscount Video At the time, the world was full of piston driven airliners and with them came tremendous noise and vibration. A turboprop is a jet powered aircraft with the jet engine powering a propeller which drives the aircraft through...

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Review: Qantas Sydney Domestic Business Lounge

Qantas operate two lounge in the major capital cities in Australia. First is the Qantas Club which is for oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers and paid members of the club. In a bid to create exclusivity, Qantas also operate Domestic Business lounges. These are restricted to passengers travelling in domestic business class and oneworld Emerald level frequent flyers. Welcome To The Lounge A couple of years ago, Qantas added a dress code to their lounges. Out is head to toe gym wear, sleepwear, beach wear and rubber thongs which other countries call flip flops. Wecome to the Business Lounge These...

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What Do You Do When Your Uber Account Is Hacked?

It is a bit of a nightmare when your Uber account is unexpectedly hacked. In Ireland, the app of choice seems to be Hailo or as it is now called, mytaxi. I usually only use Uber when I am abroad. Inside the app you save your card details and I don’t really think about it otherwise. During the night I usually have my phone on silent as I sometimes get international messages when I am sleeping. A Rude Awakening After waking, I eventually checked my phone. Interestingly, I had a couple of messages from Uber which appeared to be...

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How Magnificent is Qatar’s Longest Flight in the World?

Something magnificent is happening on flights between Auckland and Doha in business class. Qatar Airways operate this ultra long haul flight which clocks in at a shade under 18 hours. The thought of it invites trepidation among veteran frequent flyers. It seems like such a long time to be in the air and sounds terrible. I’m here to show you just how wonderful this long flight really is. QR921 – Auckland to Doha (AKL-DOH) 26 April 2017 Boeing 777-200LR – A7-BBG Seat: Business Class 5F Departure: 15:07 Arrival: 12:03+1 Business class passengers board last on Qatar Airways however in...

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