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Trent is an Australian flyer in "exile" in Ireland. You'll find detail about his flights and other travel related experiences, all of which is self-funded. As a result of his undying passion for the premium classes, he has been reduced to an affordable diet of bread and water when at home.

Qatar Airways Reverses Ridiculous Oneworld Transfer Baggage Rules

According to an exclusive on Australian Business Traveller, Qatar Airways are no longer going to adhere to the draconian oneworld alliance rules on transfer baggage. This is excellent news indeed, especially for people like me who have upcoming travel with the airline. Why The Big Deal? Last year the alliance decided to stop checking baggage through to other airlines in the alliance when transferring to another flight on a separate ticket. The reason for this is to prevent airlines being liable financially for baggage lost on tickets they are not earning any revenue from. You would think the airlines...

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Surely I Can Get My Flights and Hotel Cheaper Than This?

I’m sure you have been there – attempting to get things cheaper. You decide on a place to visit and then it is time to put together your holiday. This means visiting airline web sites, hotel sites and so on to book and pay for all the elements you need. People used to pay a Travel Agent to do this but since the advent of the Internet, many of us do it ourselves. Various web sites are usually visited to try to find the best price for your flights and hotel. It can be time consuming or it can...

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Qantas Announce World Leading Premium Economy Seat

How important is your seat when flying long haul? Virtually all travellers would agree it is one of the most important aspects of any flight. Australia is a long way from most places so it is vital that people have excellent choices when flying overseas. Qantas is Australia’s long haul specialist and the world’s second oldest airline. In 2018, the airline commences non-stop flights between Australia and Europe for the first time. The Boeing 787-9 is the aircraft of choice and a new Premium Economy seat will keep passengers happy during the long flight. Qantas Premium Economy Skytrax rate...

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British Airways To Introduce Domestic Business Class

British Airways are introducing domestic business class commencing on 1 April 2017. This is a huge event as before now domestic routes were economy class only. Many other airlines offer a domestic business class product. All of the airlines in the USA worth their salt have it, though it’s called first class. Qantas in Australia has it. It is a standard on decent airlines. Domestic Business Class The product will be called Club Europe and promises to be a revolution for domestic business travellers. British Airways offers Club Europe – the short haul business class product – on all...

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Want To Earn 30,000 Avios In Aer Lingus AerClub?

Aer Lingus have a new frequent flyer programme called AerClub and there are new ways to earn Avios miles. The programme has a supermarket partner with SuperValu, as well as ways to earn with Electric Ireland and Bank of Ireland. Members of the previous programme, Gold Circle, are vocal in their dismay over launch issues stemming largely from IT issues. Flights are not credited and some people are at a lower status level than they should be. Aer Lingus are working through these. Find out all about the programme at this guide I put together in an earlier post....

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What Does Your Regular Routine Look Like When Flying?

Humans are creatures of habit and everyone has a specific routine when flying. What to pack, when to pack, when to arrive at the airport and what to do once on board. It differs from person to person and depends on whether you are flying for business or leisure. Now that I fly regularly, I find I have a set routine that I follow all the time when I am travelling. Home Routine Some people pack for long haul travel days in advance but I find it easier to pack the night before. I put together all the clothes...

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British Airways Announce Dublin to Ibiza For Summer

British Airways are starting non-stop flights between Dublin and Ibiza for the Summer 2017 timetable. These are the first services operated by the airline from Dublin to a destination other than London. This is great news for people wishing to head off to Ibiza for a break as the only other airlines serving the route are low-cost carriers. British Airways Ibiza Schedule Flights from Dublin to Ibiza will operate on Friday night, departing at 22:25 and arriving in Ibiza early Saturday morning at 02:20. People will be able to arrive and go straight to their hotel or straight out...

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History: Final Aer Lingus Boeing 707 Flight

From time to time I post something historical and today I have a little gem which is quite interesting. Usually I like to source something from deep in the British Pathé online archives but not this time. This time we are visiting Ireland in the 1980s on the occasion of the final Aer Lingus Boeing 707 flight. Celebrating The Final Boeing 707 Flight Ireland’s Aer Lingus operated the Boeing 707 from 1964 through to 1986, using the aircraft on its North Atlantic services. To commemorate the aircraft’s retirement the airline put on flights around the country for enthusiasts to...

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Have Qantas Come Out With The First Gay Aircraft?

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – referred to locally just as Mardi Gras – is the Sydney equivalent of the various gay pride events held around the world each year. These events take place to provide a voice for the LGBT community to fight for their rights and also to promote community visibility and inclusiveness. Mardi Gras takes place from the middle of February to the start of March each year and Qantas is the official airline partner of the event. This year, Qantas have changed the colours of one of their aircraft to highlight their support....

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4 Reasons Why The Boeing 747 Is Loved By Frequent Flyers

The Boeing 747 is nicknamed the Queen of the Skies by aviation people and with very good reason. The aircraft is elegant, large and is very well known around the world. Boeing’s Jumbo Jet opened up air travel to the masses and continues to provide service to many airlines today. Frequent flyers have great affection for the Boeing 747 due to some unique features found on no other aircraft. These influence seating choices when planning a trip as everyone wants to sit in their favourite spot. Turning Left Into The Nose Certification rules for aircraft have changed since the...

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