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Aengus is a frequent flyer based in London, and he specializes in UK air-miles and everything airlines. He shares the latest deals, advice and industry news.

Qatar Airways Looking Set To Unveil New First Class Product

Qatar Airways’ twitter has been dropping hints of “the future of premium travel” on their twitter over the past few days, with cryptic tweets like the one below: In 6 days, the future of premium travel takes shape — Qatar Airways (@qatarairways) March 2, 2017 It would not be a stretch of the imagination to assume therefore that they are on the cusp of unveiling a new Business or First Class. This would directly compete with their two Gulf buddies, Emirates and Etihad. Etihad Airways 777 First Class Etihad’s unique ‘The Residence’ offers passengers a true private jet...

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Is Priority Boarding Really An Advantage?

One of the most frequent benefits given to status holders or those flying in premium cabins on an airline is priority boarding. That is, skipping the queue of people boarding the flight and being one of the first on the plane. But is that really a benefit, or perhaps more of a hindrance? Especially when travelling in a cramped seat, I always try to spend as little time as possible sitting in it. Whether that be taking routine walks in-flight or stretching out into the aisle, I try to keep my claustrophobia at bay. It then dawned on me...

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Should Airlines Provide Children-Free Flights?

There’s nothing worse than getting onto a plane, wanting nothing more than a bit of shut-eye, to discover your seat reservation is next to a family with children on the brink of apocalypse. This is the exact argument made by those who are now campaigning for airlines to introduce child-free flights, giving travellers the option to be rid of the noise and general disruption of kids, which can be especially tiresome on long-haul flights. Let’s explore some pros, cons, and alternatives to this age-old travel nightmare. Pros First and foremost, those looking for a peaceful flight and the prospect...

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What’s The Best Luggage Choice For Frequent Flyers Or Air-Crew?

When it was time for me to start looking for a new bag for my travels, the choices, styles and brands of luggage these days seemed overwhelming to say the least. I trawled online, desperately looking for a bag to fit my every need, and asked everyone I knew for suggestions and recommendations. Through this experience, I’ve gathered a few tips on how to find the ideal bag for your travels. get your priorities straight First of all, it’s really important to decide which factors are most important to you. You may want to consider the following: Style –...

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London City Airport Evacuated Due To Mystery Illness

London City Airport, the only airport within the city, was evacuated on 21st October, after passengers waiting for flights complained of breathing difficulties and dizziness. Fire alarms prompted the evacuation, and 26 people were treated by paramedics on-scene. Two people were hospitalised, but there was no lasting damage to anyone involved. The above picture from twitter shows passengers who were evacuated air-side onto an apron. Quite telling that I can’t see a single passenger in that photo who isn’t on their phone. The age of technology is more obvious now than ever! In total, 500 passengers were evacuated, causing...

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How Much Worse Will Economy Class Get?

These days, airlines seem to be competing fiercely on First, Business Class and Premium Economy products. And who can blame them? The most profitable cabin for an airline by far is Business Class. However, the biggest section of the market, budget class travellers, sitting at the back of the plane, seem to be bearing the brunt of the increasing space up front, by being squashed closer and closer together in Economy. And it’s no wonder. Economy is the least profitable of any cabin airlines provide, though they realise that it accounts for such a big proportion of travellers that it would...

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Making Economy Feel Like Business Class

Whether it be a non-cleared system-wide upgrade, a cheap fare, or the only option, Economy is almost unavoidable at one point or another. I’ve in fact just booked a generous Economy fare myself to New Zealand with Singapore Airlines. Whilst a lie-flat bed in Business Class is always the preferred alternative, here are a few ways to make your journey at the back of the plane more bearable. Preparation If you arrive at your flight flustered, or fresh from 2 hours of queuing, likelihood is that you will have a miserable flight. Every last inconvenience will annoy you and you’ll...

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Emirates Release The CUTEST Airline Commercial Ever!

Airlines seem to be pushing the bar of video advertising higher and higher. Whether it be Air New Zealand’s star-studded and hilarious safety videos, or Etihad’s truly cinematic and visceral experience of their First Class product, The Residence, featuring Nicole Kidman (see both below), high production values and celebrity endorsements seem to be the way forward: Air New Zealand’s epic The Hobbit safety video:   Etihad’s The Residence Promo:   It seems that Emirates have taken heed of this new trend and released their own commercial in this style. As with the previous instalment, it features Jennifer Aniston, playing the bemused American celebrity...

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The Secret Lie-Flat Beds In Every Plane

How many storeys does a 777 have? In my article How To Tell Any Plane Apart, I said it has one storey. However, strictly speaking, excluding the uninhabitable luggage deck, there’s actually another level: the crew rest area. Ever wondered where the crew mysteriously vanish to mid-flight when the lights are dimmed? The lie-flat beds of the crew rest area, equipped with inflight entertainment screens and plug ports, just like any other seat. They are generally in a bunk formation, and the crew take shifts depending on the length of the flight to have a break/nap. It’s accessed either...

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Where Is The Safest Place To Sit On The Plane?

Nowadays, with air-travel safety at an all time high, it would be pretty safe to assume that wherever you sit on a plane, you can rest assured that you’ll arrive at your destination without a scratch. Granted, the never-ending queues and screaming kids may grind you down, but it is a fact that commercial aviation is the safest form of transport in the world (other than elevators…!). However, is there a scientific best place to sit if the worst was to happen? Let’s explore a few different positions in the plane and see… Front The advantage of being at...

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