M.A.D. Trippin'

William is the lead travel agent for a family of four. MAD (Mom and Dad) Trippin' wander the world to quench their thirst for adventure and laughs.

The School of Travel for Kids

The short weekend getaway trip. For some it’s a simple as booking a last second flight and simply making it work no matter what the flight arrangements. If your option or preference is to travel with your children, the word of the day becomes improvisation. The school year can take a pretty good chunk of possible vacation days away from you. That is if you let it. With two teenage girls under the roof, every precaution is taken to ensure that the absolute least amount of school is missed. Fortunately, we rarely miss the opportunity or regret the choice...

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Review- Buffalo Tiger Everglades Airboat Tours Miami

The National Parks are certainly America’s greatest idea as has been stated many times. Our family, in recent months, have decided to conquer as many of these as possible. The order in which we choose to explore has centered on the uncomfortable premise of which ones may be disappearing. Whether you choose to believe in global warming or not, the fact remains that, the Everglades water is rising and the glaciers are receding. I have no intent on swaying political or environmental agendas, as my agenda is the family vacation. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for us to visit...

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Election Lesson Learned

Maybe it was inevitable that the world would change at 30,000 feet. That’s not entirely unusual but the culmination of events have caused a pause in my normal everyday thinking. Last week on Inauguration Day and just before you roll your eyes and sense the coming of a pro or con perspective, relax. I’m not what you would consider a political person and that in effect is not the reason for this random rumination of thought. What I am is human and while the world watches with anticipation and trepidation, the world continues to evolve outside the bubble of DC. In...

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Review- SmartTravel Portable Travel Footrest for Airplane

Restless legs on an airplane can be one of the most aggravating feelings on a long flight. For those of us unlucky to be flying with the Business Class or First Class passengers, it becomes a battle to see how comfortable you can get. And when you’re dealing with a matter of inches between you and the passenger in front of you, the smallest of adjustments can make a big difference. The Portable Travel Footrest made by SmartTravel Products claims to help give you options with your feet. I sometimes find myself in some of the most uncomfortable situations on...

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Get 10,000 Alaska Points for Free Even if You Are Not a Member- With a Catch

The best points that you can ever accumulate for loyalty programs are the ones that you do very little if anything to receive. Case in point would be the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan which has received quite a bit of press lately. According to many outlets, Alaska Airlines members have been receiving a bonus of 10,000 points if they have been a member of their program and a member of the Virgin Elevate Program. That’s a fantastic offer and one that seems to be irrelevant of what type of status you have within the programs. If you’re a member,...

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2017’s Biggest Tourism Fear Could be in Your Pocket

Are you becoming more afraid to travel? Believe it or not, that little gadget in your hand may be the thing that is most responsible for that uncertainty that exists in all of us. It’s no surprise to anyone that terrorism is on the rise. That’s a fact. But how much of our fear exists due to the constant bombardment we receive from our many media relationships? We have become a population of paranoid travelers and it’s completely understandable. The very thing that keeps us connected also keeps us on edge. Believe it or not there was time when...

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Last Minute Gift Giving to Travelers

Are you on the hook for just a few more last-minute gifts to your traveling better half? Your hobby may make it easy! One unexpected benefit of the travel addiction has been the metamorphosis of the annual wish list for both birthdays and Christmas. The search for the right gift has always been a challenge for me even if the results say differently. My wife is kind enough to tell me I do a great job of gift-giving but she’s my wife and that would be a customary response. The fact that many significant others seem to barely keep...

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The Dreaded Traveler’s Christmas Letter

“Oh, Eddie If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now. “This insightful quote from Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation more than likely may sum up the many thoughts percolating in several of my friends and family. At a time of joy and peace throughout the world, I sometimes land in the unenviable spot of public enemy #1. Yes, I write a Christmas Letter. I can feel the roll in your eyes and I would agree that it’s a headscratcher. Much like the dreaded fruitcake, the Christmas...

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Review- WaterFire Providence

Combining elements must be a good thing, correct? Water and Fire naturally cancel each other out, but when used in combination, the two can be mesmerizing. WaterFire Providence has become an annual event on your can’t miss list to Rhode Island. This ingenious event in Providence Rhode Island has been partly responsible for the sudden resurgence the downtown area has experienced. Any trip to Providence in the summer through fall should absolutely include this experience on their to-do list. Revitalizing Downtown Providence Originally created in 1996 as “First Fire” by Barnaby Evans, the event was meant to provide an...

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Giving Thanks for Blank Pages- A Message of Inspiration

A message of Thanksgiving to all travelers. As I thumbed through the paper this past week I was confronted with a page that was left blank. Not intentional of course and I chuckled as some poor sap would have to hear it from the editor over wasted white space which can certainly add up in cost. Upon further review, maybe this space isn’t so wasted at all. Maybe this space was there to remind me of the control that we all hold in our lives. Let me rewind and explain myself for all you travelers. For the past year...

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